Award-winning singer and actress K-SYRAN releases new Album

K-SYRAN’s Recent Album “Inappropriate” 

Katrina Syran, better known as K-SYRAN, is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, actress, author, director, and lyricist who is also an outspoken supporter of women’s rights. Her musical career has no bounds as a trained actress at RADA and GUILDHALL SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DRAMA, with previous musical collaborations including Blue, Sugababes, StoneBridge, and Sebastian Pérez, to name a few. Her single “Intimacy” was nominated by the United Nations in the United Kingdom as the anthem for International Women’s Day, and her album “Dizzy” has been nominated for a number of prestigious awards in the United States.

K-SYRAN started playing the piano when she was seven years old, and her first memory is of the piano teacher falling asleep. It was hilarious, and she kept playing quietly so as not to wake her. She believes this explains her soft emotional touch on the piano. She later moved her teacher to tears by performing a beautiful song. When she was 15, her previous piano teacher tried desperately to persuade her to pursue a musical career and enroll in a music academy in Norway, but she had other plans. She had aspired to be an actress.

K-SYRAN released her stunning 15-track album “INAPPROPRIATE” on November 18, 2022, which featured live jazz performances by pianist Gauthier Toux, saxophonist Leon Phal, guitarist Erwan Valazza, and drummer Axel Lussiez.

Album Tracklist:
01 – My Angel Tonight
02 – Carefree Careless
03 – Hudson River
04 – La
05 – Skin
06 – Don’t Know Why
07 – You Don’t Love Me Anymore
08 – Benedicta
09 – Drama
10 – She
11 – Unforgettable
12 – This is Not a Musical
13 – Mr Magic
14 – I’m Alive
15 – Look at What You Have

K-SYRAN continues to astound fans with her upbeat and infectious style, as well as her energetic and versatile live performances and exquisite dress sense.

In 2023K-SYRAN will release Ellida, a self-produced film based on Henrik Ibsen’s famous play “The Lady From The Sea,” in which she plays the lead role of Ellida. As well as her role in the British thriller ‘Hounded.

Listen to “Inappropriate” by K-SYRAN on Apple Music. I hope you like it.

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