Alex and indie pop vocalist Sophie Dorsten has a new song out

“Whisper In The Dark” 

Sophie Dorsten is an indie pop singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Arizona, she has been performing in the Phoenix area since she was nine years old. a musical prodigy who began writing songs at the age of 13 only. This new project was inspired by the pandemic. Together, she and her brother Alex produce music that is essentially flawless and far beyond their years of working together. Their distinctive style consists of excellent production, a seductive voice, and imaginative lyrics.

When live performances ceased due to the pandemic, Sophie and her brother Alex joined forces and began writing songs. They have been releasing songs ever since they began writing and recording in Alex’s home studio. Prior to beginning their collaboration, they both spent many years playing shows around Arizona with Sophie’s solo acoustic project and Alex’s previous band. Whenever they are performing, Sophie sings and plays acoustic guitar while Alex plays both acoustic and electric guitar. He also plays the kick drum with one foot and the tambourine with the other.

Sophie and her brother Alex have performed at numerous local music festivals as well as in larger venues. They have appeared on local television news a few times over the years. Their songs can be heard on local and online radio stations all over the world. Eleni Drake, Billie Eilish, From Indian Lakes, and Norah Jones are their main influences.

Sophie and her brother were able to travel to London in March and record at Abbey Road Studios and RAK Studios, as well as perform at a few local London venues. Their latest single, “Whisper in the Dark,” which was released on November 18, 2022, was recorded at RAK Studios in London and finished up in Arizona with Sophie’s vocals and all the cool production Alex did to it, as well as all the instruments he played.

“Whisper in the Dark” was inspired by the covers of horror/mystery novels. It represents the song’s darkness and power. The song is about a toxic and manipulative person who is never far away and is always ready to take advantage of you.

I occasionally mistake Sophie’s voice for Adele’s. Again, this is purely subjective, but it does remind me of her, particularly some parts of the song “Whisper in the Dark.” What I really like about this track is the spine-chilling, neck-tickling piano keys that float around the 1-minute mark; it’s so subtle, but it completely changes the vibe of the track. It creates a foundation for sadness, which is a trigger for the majority of listeners. The music then crescendos, dragging the listener along into an ethereal world of comfortable sadness. The lyrics are very appropriate and understandable, with excellent wordplay and descriptive lyrics that easily convey Sophie’s emotions, aided by Alex’s amazing production and arrangement.

Sophie Dorsten is one of the most gifted singers I’ve ever heard. She doesn’t only have an angelic voice; she also has a wide vocal range. Listen to this wonderful and catchy single right now.

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