Astralix Unveils “Velocity”: Embarking On Cosmic Soundscapes

Astralix is the brainchild of visionary talents Gary Dranow, Chris Zoupa, and producer Louis Dupont, who converge from the vibrant city of Park City, United States. Gary Dranow, a multifaceted artist skilled in composition, writing, lyricism, and guitar, finds a creative counterpart in Chris Zoupa, whose instrumental prowess adds depth and dimension to their collaborative endeavors. Their musical journey is steeped in a profound appreciation for EDM luminaries such as Avicii, Tiesto, and David Guetta, whose groundbreaking contributions inspire Astralix’s sonic explorations.

With a sound that profoundly connects with listeners, Astralix creates a sound that combines complex melodies, throbbing beats, and passionate poetry. Astralix draws inspiration from a wide range of sources. Louis Dupont, a producer, adds a new layer of skillful production and dynamic arrangements to Astralix’s sound palette, enabling them to create songs that are even more intricate and imaginative. With each song, they invite listeners on a transforming voyage into the limitless realms of sound and feeling, demonstrating their steadfast devotion to authenticity and emotional resonance.

Launch yourself into the thrilling universe of Astralix with their most recent offering, “Velocity.” Launched on February 8th, 2024, “Velocity” transports listeners to a different world of throbbing rhythms and dreamy melodies, demonstrating the creative fusion of Gary Dranow, Chris Zoupa, and producer Louis Dupont. When “Velocity” begins, let yourself be carried away to a place where time and space disappear and the universe opens up in front of your eyes. “Velocity” reflects the complexity and beauty of the human experience in a cosmic adventure, a cosmic odyssey enhanced by dynamic arrangements and captivating rhythms.

Upon immersing myself in the captivating sounds of Astralix’s most recent single, “Velocity,” I find myself transported to a realm of auditory wonder and reflection. This song, to me, is a reflection of my innermost thoughts and journey rather than just another EDM anthem. The song delivers a hypnotic musical experience from the first, engulfing me in its dynamic basslines and alluring synth piano sounds. The gorgeous female voice and throbbing beats of “Velocity” carry me away as it goes on, with every note striking a chord deep in my soul. I find myself waiting nervously to see what will happen next because of the complex pattern changes and varied dynamics.

But it’s at the 2:38 timestamp that “Velocity” truly comes alive for me. The introduction of the guitar infuses the track with an astral energy, elevating it to new heights of creativity and dynamism. I become sucked into a vortex of auditory bliss as the song takes on a life of its own after that. I am in awe of the music’s unending realms as I give myself over to its captivating energy and inventiveness. A journey of self-discovery and group exploration, “Velocity” is more than just a song. I sense that I’m rising above the commonplace and accepting the limitless potential of the cosmos with each beat and tune. Finally, “Velocity” reminds me that the secret to exploring the deepest corners of the human experience is found in the melodies, proving the transformational power of music.

“Velocity” by Astralix resonates deeply with me as I explore themes of personal discovery, liberation, and the boundless expanse of the universe. “For the cause of things I’ve done, Oh, voyage of hope cells dissolve, celestial gaze, Incumbent spirit bound by space” speaks to my own introspection and contemplation of my actions and aspirations amidst the cosmic tapestry. The imagery of “Accelerating beyond lights and rays, I’m dancing through the stars” ignites a sense of freedom and transcendence within me, symbolizing my liberation from earthly confines. The chorus, “Velocity in the heart of the night, Combine the cosmos, together we’ll fly, So I’m running free in a galactic sea, Velocity, velocity, Traveling faster than the speed of light, Velocity, velocity” encapsulates my journey of self-discovery and shared exploration, transcending the limitations of time and space as I traverse the cosmic seas toward enlightenment and self-realization.


The exceptional fluency and arrangement of this song’s instrumentation and rhythmic flow are what really make it stand out and make it extraordinary. Rich and engrossing sounds are produced by the flawless coordination and coherence between the different musical sections throughout the composition. Everything in the piece is expertly composed, down to the minute details like the dramatic rhythm changes and complex instrument layering. This song’s seamless transition from beginning to end is made possible by the consistent quality of craftsmanship, which also pushes the song’s creative boundaries.

The song “Velocity” by Astralix is a demonstration of the strength of creativity and teamwork, not just a song. It alludes to the common desire for self-discovery and emancipation with its throbbing beats and poignant lyrics. “Velocity” continues to be a compass for me as I make my way through the vast expanses of existence; its exhilarating energy and limitless spirit illuminate every step I take. To other people who are looking for musical enlightenment, I heartily recommend “Velocity”. Welcome to Astralix’s world of sound exploration as you enjoy the voyage and the speed.

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