Astralix Unveils “Velocity”: Embarking On Cosmic Soundscapes

Astralix is the brainchild of visionary talents Gary Dranow, Chris Zoupa, and producer Louis Dupont, who converge from the vibrant city of Park City, United States. Gary Dranow, a multifaceted artist skilled in composition, writing, lyricism, and guitar, finds a creative counterpart in Chris Zoupa, whose instrumental prowess adds depth and dimension to their collaborative…

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Ethereal Depths: Exploring The Nomadic’s “Treading Water”

There aren’t many musicians who can combine unadulterated passion and catchy tunes as The Nomadic does in the complex fabric of modern music. Originating in Australia’s bustling Sydney, The Nomadic—led by the mysterious Rob Gaylard—becomes known for their thoughtful and inventive music. Rob Gaylard has a varied and inspirational musical career. Rob’s creative development took…

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The Screaming Pope’s “Your Star”: A Celestial Symphony Of Sound

As The Screaming Pope, George Bolton discovered his calling in the busy streets and lively music scene of downtown Boston. In 2020, The Screaming Pope made his debut, driven by his intense love of electronic music and his desire to experiment with the infinite possibilities of sound. Aiming for self-expression and artistic fulfillment, George’s musical…

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Harmonies Resonance: Jeanna-Sis Unifies Sound And Vision With “Frenemy”

German-based rapper Jeanna-Sis stands out in the dynamic world of modern music with her gripping debut track “Frenemy” which skillfully blends raw passion and poetic skill Jeanna-Sis who hails from the charming village of Moers is a talented poet who draws greatly from her personal experiences to imbue each stanza with a genuine quality that…

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