AVDREY Unveils “The Caged”: A Melodic Liberation From The Depths Of Toxicity


Originating from rural central New Hampshire, AVDREY is a versatile solo artist who excels in playing the violin/fiddle, piano, guitar, and singing. She started her musical journey at six years old, creating her own compositions and fiddle tunes that would shape her unique sound. AVDREY’s music combines aspects of Pop, Rock, and traditional Celtic tunes, drawing inspiration from a variety of artists such as Julia Michaels, Joni Mitchell, and Scottish-Trad band Talisk.

In the chaotic time of the Covid-19 outbreak, AVDREY turned to her artistic abilities for comfort, expressing her feelings through her first EP named “4AM”. This EP reflects her strength and imagination, embodying the spirit of her youth. In spite of encountering challenges, such as two car accidents within a short timeframe, AVDREY’s drive and love for art motivated her to produce meaningful and intimate music.


The Caged” by AVDREY, released on October 13th, 2023, is a song that resonates with many due to its powerful theme and emotional depth. This song is a track on AVDREY’s debut EP, “4AM”, which was produced at Audio Alchemist Studios in New City, New York. The studio, with its advanced technology and supportive atmosphere for innovation, offered the ideal environment for the making of this masterpiece. Ryan West, a Grammy award-winning producer and engineer, had a hands-on approach in all stages of the project to guarantee top-notch production. His knowledge and advice were crucial in influencing the end result.

The song opens with a sound that creates anticipation, building up and transitioning into a thick, heavy hitting sound at the 0:08 seconds mark. This sound is immediately joined by AVDREY’s calm, relaxed, but expressive vocals. The vocals and the powerful sound go hand in hand, forming a distinctive musical journey for the audience. The beginning of the song establishes the mood for what is to come, getting the listener ready for the upcoming emotional experience.

At the 0:40 seconds mark, the vocal transitions from its relaxed calm delivery to a more pitchy tone. The vocal becomes more high-pitched while still maintaining a melodious allure. This transition adds another layer of complexity to the song, enhancing its emotional impact. The shift in tone reflects the changing dynamics in the narrative of the song, mirroring the ups and downs of a toxic relationship.

At the 1:05 minute mark, the beat and rhythm start building up, but the vocal remains relaxed in its delivery while the instrumentation picks up a bit of vigor. The song then takes a twist when the building up beat and rhythm subsides at the 1:36 minute mark, becoming subtle and weaving in the background of the vocal singing. This change in the musical arrangement adds a sense of suspense and intrigue, keeping the listener engaged.

What happens next is unexpected as the vocal breaks free at the 1:51 minute mark with force, letting go of any restrictions. From this moment onward till the ending of the song, emotions fly high throughout the duration of the song. The singing, vocal performance, music, harmonies, all reflect the difficulties of a toxic relationship and the range of emotions involved. The raw emotion in the vocals and intensity of the music combine to create a strong impact, enabling the listener to experience the protagonist’s pain and turmoil.

The instrumentation elevates the emotions even further with its orchestration. The rhythm pulsates with vibrant emotions that don’t even need a vocal to interpret it. You can feel it yourself as you listen. The song peaks during the bridge as the protagonist recognizes her own value and starts to escape from the harmful pattern. The music and lyrics collaborate to generate a moment of catharsis, representing the protagonist’s freedom from the unhealthy relationship.


The Caged” explores the intricacies of manipulation and gaslighting in unhealthy relationships. Through poignant lyricism and impassioned delivery, AVDREY captures the anguish and resilience of navigating such destructive dynamics. The lyrics pulsates with these emotions, and is also evident in the vocal delivery. You can feel the heartbreak flowing through the vocal.

This song sends a powerful message to individuals in harmful relationships. This song motivates you to discover your authentic self and release yourself from all types of negativity, encouraging listeners to make their mental and emotional health a priority.

In general, “The Caged” is a song worth listening to. AVDREY’s talent and skill in expressing profound, intricate emotions through her music is truly impressive. The song goes beyond being just a piece of music; it evolves as the melodies and verses progress. The listener is led through the ebbs and flows of a toxic relationship, ultimately finding self-awareness and liberation. Make sure to listen to this song! It is a journey worth undertaking.

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