Credit: Album art by Bruce Mack

B-MACK is an energetic and diverse group from Staten Island, NY, that has been challenging musical norms since starting in 2017. The band is a diverse mix of skill and imagination, with Bruce Mack providing lead vocals and synthesizer, Michael Cox on electric bass, Ben Tyree on guitar, Chris Eddleton on drums, and Leon Gruenbaum on keyboards. Every band member adds their own distinct style, enhancing the dynamic sound of the group. They can be traced back to different art and music collectives, such as Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber and the Nubian Messengers, showing a strong dedication to exploring and innovating artistically. Bruce Mack is influenced by a variety of genres, including progressive jazz-rock-funk fusion and pop, drawing inspiration from artists like Funkadelic, Jon Hendrix, and Charles Bradley. The combination of different influences and exceptional skill has established B-MACK as a strong presence in today’s music industry.

Credit: Arturo Vera
Credit: Arturo Vera

On March 1st, 2024, B-MACK’s single “Duckgrease Burning At The Crabhouse” was dropped, showcasing their talent in creating immersive funk and rhythm and blues music. Completely crafted by Bruce Mack in his Staten Island home studio, this music showcases his many skills as a composer, musician, and producer. The single “Duckgrease Burning At The Crabhouse” truly showcases B-MACK’s unique sound and creative beliefs, as part of a double-sided release with “Silent Witness”.

The song starts with a catchy and irresistible rhythm that quickly establishes the mood. This funky beat, essential to the track, serves as the foundation with a consistent and captivating rhythm that propels the song. From the very beginning, listeners are pulled into a rhythm that is both recognizable and pleasantly different. Bruce Mack starts off the song with a catchy and engaging vocal chant, setting the rhythm for the rest of the track. This introduction lays the foundation for a musical adventure that focuses on both the sensory journey and the auditory elements.

The vocal arrangement in “Duckgrease Burning At The Crabhouse” is one of the most standout features. Mack’s singing, enhanced by Larayne as a guest vocalist, forms a complex musical fabric that develops as the song progresses. Utilizing various vocal layers enhances intricacy and depth, as voices seamlessly blend within the composition, creating a natural yet skillfully constructed arrangement. This method of layering not only adds complexity to the song but also strengthens its message of seeking an escape, almost as if the voices are welcoming the listener into an alternate reality.

The instrumentation in this song is also a standout, demonstrating the talented abilities of B-MACK’s members. The steady funky rhythm sets a strong base, but it is the interaction among the instruments that really brings the song alive. Michael Cox’s smooth and groovy electric bass lines effortlessly complement Chris Eddleton’s dynamic drumming rhythm. Each instrument contributes to the melodic complexity, featuring complex yet catchy riffs. B-MACK’s signature style is characterized by their diverse influences and their skill in bringing innovation to traditional genres through their instrumental arrangements. The outcome is a sound that combines elements of the past and the future, attracting a wide range of listeners.

Credit: Arturo Vera
Credit: Arturo Vera

Mack’s careful attention to detail and the use of eMastered during the mastering process resulted in exceptional production quality for the song. Each part of the song is perfected, from the sharpness of the drums to the clearness of the vocals. The song’s high production value allows for full appreciation of each component, whether using top-notch headphones or standard speakers. The blend is both harmonious and lively, giving each element of the song a chance to stand out without drowning out the listener.

Duckgrease Burning At The Crabhouse” goes beyond being just a song; it aims to take listeners on a getaway to a fantastical realm of happiness and peace. The track’s lyrics and general atmosphere indicate a place where concerns disappear, giving way to fun and worry-free pleasure. The high tempo and lively music enhance this theme, producing a stimulating and reassuring ambiance. It serves as a cue of the influence of music in offering a break from the routine of daily life, even if just briefly.

To sum up, “Duckgrease Burning At The Crabhouse” demonstrates B-MACK’s skill and innovation effectively. The song blends proficient musicianship with creative production methods to produce a track that is both captivating and pleasurable. The combination of different musical components, including the funky rhythm and the overlapping vocals, creates a diverse and captivating auditory journey. This one Make sure to listen to “Duckgrease Burning At The Crabhouse” and allow yourself to be taken to a realm of funk, beat, and sheer pleasure!

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