“Execution Day” by Bloodlin3 (feat. Bizzy Bone & AC Killer) is a track that blends trap and R&B elements with a flow reminiscent of Eminem’s speed and Method Man’s approach. Throughout the song, different vocal styles are showcased, starting with a smooth and straightforward trap vibe, transitioning to a more emotional and deeper flow, and culminating in a more rhythmic and narrative R&B style, giving the impression of a battle between the styles. This is one of the hip-hop songs created to change the tone of the rap game

Bloodlin3 is an independent music band consisting of three brothers, namely, 2Severe, Quiji, and Mallachi. They grew up together, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tech N9ne, Three 6 Mafia, Twista, Eminem, and Brotha Lynch Hung were their major influences. They made the song “Execution Day,” which was published on September 30, 2022, in collaboration with the legendary Bizzy Bone and AC Killer. Before Bizzy Bone and AC Killer arrive with their distinctive melodic cadences and commanding raps, 2Severe, Quiji, and Mallachi set the mood with their distinctive bravado-laden flows and a Krayzie Bone-inspired hook.

Bloodlin3 uses “Execution Day” to inform the game that they have arrived and are working to change the tone of the game. Throughout, this is complemented by a few intensity-increasing keys in various areas. The subtle use of synths in this song matches the sound effects, such as glass breaking, that are occasionally used to give the backdrop a gritty vibe. Each individual has his own style, flow, rhythm, and tempo, but somehow this manages to avoid becoming overloaded, which may occasionally happen with too many variants.

Let’s begin with the accompaniment. With some lovely violin-like sounds circling a lovely clap-style beat, this is a smooth and straightforward offering that gives the music a trap vibe. “Execution Day” offers a flow that is almost MGK-like in clarity but more akin to Eminem’s speed and Method Man’s approach. This is a fantastic combination that I would never have thought to create! This is rapidly replaced by a more emotional, deeper flow that is less obvious but more aggy. The third offering follows, which is more rhythmic and resembles singing in some ways. This vocal flow is significantly smoother and more narrative in nature, more in line with R&B.

The styles of Bloodline3 continue to bounce off one another throughout the track, almost as if a battle is taking place. This is an extremely unusual method of delivery that I have never seen before, and it was certainly a surprise to the senses.

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