Colm Donnelly is an artist who has journeyed through the vibrant and diverse music scene of Canada, specifically calling Vancouver home. His musical DNA is an intricate blend of influences, drawing inspiration from iconic acts like The Smiths, Oasis, Gerry Cinnamon, Arctic Monkeys, Macklemore, The Gorillaz, The Beaches, and The Beatles. This rich tapestry of influences has played a pivotal role in shaping Colm’s distinctive sound.

Despite not yet being a household name in the music industry, Colm Donnelly has made significant strides in his career. His journey includes supporting the renowned Irish band, The Coronas, and serving as halftime entertainment at North Vancouver’s Altitude FC’s home games. These experiences have not only honed his skills but also created a strong foundation for his solo career.

Colm’s solo journey officially began in 2023, and it was marked by the release of his debut single, “Money.” Recorded at the Esteemed Park Sound Studio in North Vancouver and produced by the talented Dan Ponich, who also lent his skills to the rhythm section, “Money” is a testament to Colm’s artistic independence and desire for creative exploration.

Having fronted various indie rock ‘n’ roll bands over the years, Colm’s decision to go solo was driven by the desire for creative freedom. He describes his three debut singles as different in style and content, showcasing his versatility as a musician. “Money” was chosen as the opening single because it represents a departure from his previous band’s style, reflecting his newfound artistic liberty.

Colm Donnelly

Colm Donnelly’s debut single, “Money,” offers a vibrant and engaging listening experience that delves into the universal theme of financial pressure. The song was released on October 19th, 2023, and it’s an excellent introduction to Colm’s musical prowess and storytelling abilities.

Money” excels in its lyricism, where Colm Donnelly effortlessly tells a relatable story through his words. The lyrics offer a clever, tongue-in-cheek exploration of the everyday challenges associated with managing finances. Colm’s witty and humorous approach brings a refreshing perspective to a topic that is often filled with stress and seriousness. Colm’s storytelling skills shine through as he takes listeners on a journey through his experiences, all while keeping them engaged with an Infectious and well-structured tune.

The lyrics provide vivid imagery and clever wordplay that paint a clear picture of the financial struggles we all encounter. Lines like “What do we want? We want,” in the chorus, is not only catchy but also captures the essence of desires and wants that money can satisfy. Colm’s ability to weave a narrative through his lyrics is truly captivating, making “Money” an intriguing song to listen to repeatedly.

The instrumentals in “Money” are energetic and pulsating, ensuring that listeners remain engaged throughout the song. The driving rhythm section, thanks to Dan Ponich’s contributions as both a producer and rhythm section player, complements Colm’s vocals perfectly. The song’s production is seamless, creating a smooth listening experience despite the high-energy instrumentals.

The song features a dynamic mix of guitars and percussion, delivering a well-rounded sound that propels the song forward. This combination of instrumentation perfectly captures the urgency and intensity associated with financial pressures, adding depth and dimension to the track.


Colm Donnelly’s vocals are vibrant and full of energy, making them a standout element in “Money.” His delivery is engaging and complements the lively instrumentals seamlessly. Colm’s vocal performance brings a sense of authenticity to the song, allowing listeners to connect with the subject matter on a personal level.

Money” boasts a well-thought-out structure that ensures the song remains captivating from start to finish. The chorus, in particular, is catchy and memorable, encouraging sing-alongs and making it a standout element of the track. Colm’s decision to open his solo career with this song was a wise choice, as it’s not only a departure from his previous style but also a testament to his creative versatility.

Money” by Colm Donnelly is a musical gem that combines witty lyricism, energetic instrumentals, and captivating vocals. It takes a universally relatable theme—financial pressure—and turns it into a lively and humorous journey. The production and structural integrity of the song further enhance its overall appeal.

Colm’s debut single, “Money,” showcases his artistic freedom and diverse songwriting abilities. It’s a promising introduction to a solo career that’s off to an impressive start. This song has all the ingredients of a hit, and it’s certainly worth checking out for anyone seeking a unique and catchy addition to their music library. So, if you haven’t already, do give “Money” by Colm Donnelly a listen to experience this vibrant and engaging musical journey.

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