“Cool July is an emerging rap and music production talent known for his sharp lyrics and profound depth. His album “Driven By The Class”, showcases Cool July’s versatility and depth as an artist. Each track offers a unique perspective, making it a dynamic and emotionally charged musical journey. Cool July’s commitment to storytelling and creating music that resonates is evident throughout the album, leaving listeners captivated from start to finish”.

Cool July is an emerging force in the world of rap and music production, known for sharp and substance-rich lyrics. With a passion for music that spans years, he has crafted a unique artistic identity.
His musical journey began with a dedication to lyric writing. His lyrics stand out for their depth and meaningful content, setting him apart in the industry. As an aspiring rapper and producer, Cool July primarily operates as a solo artist, but his talent extends to playing the drums, adding a rhythmic dimension to his music.

He draws inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, weaving these elements into his own distinct sound. His commitment to delivering top-quality music is evident in every track he produces. Cool July has graced notable gigs, festivals, and events, leaving an indelible mark on the live music scene. He has also made appearances on television, expanding his reach and captivating a broader audience.

Beyond the music, Cool July embodies a pure and positive mindset, which shines through in his artistic endeavors. His commitment to writing songs that are both enjoyable and have a lasting effect on listeners is evidence of his artistic talent.

Cool July, a rising talent with a bright future, never fails to enthrall listeners with his razor-sharp lyrics and excellent production prowess. He has made a commitment to musical brilliance, and his journey will be one that is full of creativity and inspiration. As he continues to advance in the music industry, keep an eye on Cool July.

Driven By The Class” is an electrifying musical journey brought to life by the talented artist Cool July. Released on July 27th, 2023. Cool July’s distinct style and lyrical prowess are on full display in this collection of tracks, offering listeners a captivating experience that transcends genres.

Driven By The Class Album Track List
Keys to the Streets
Feeling It
No Reason Why
My Time

Keys to the Streets”:
“Keys to the Streets
”, is a compelling track that combines catchy instrumentals with introspective lyrics. From the very beginning, the song hooks the listener with its infectious instrumental arrangement, setting the perfect stage for the artist’s vocals and storytelling.
The instrumental elements of “Keys to the Streets” play a pivotal role in making this track memorable. The music not only catches your ear but also provides a rhythm that complements Cool July’s lyrical delivery. This synergy creates a harmonious and engaging sonic experience that draws the listener in.
A standout feature of this track is the addition of female background vocals, which add depth and catchiness to the overall composition. These harmonious voices not only enhance the song’s appeal but also keep the audience fully immersed in the narrative. Lyrically, “Keys to the Streets” offers a reflective journey into the artist’s past life on the streets, allowing listeners to empathize with their experiences and growth. It’s a song that encapsulates nostalgia and personal reflection, making it a noteworthy addition to the album.

Feeling It”:
“Feeling It”
emerges as another standout track on Cool July’s album, “Driven By The Class”. This song presents a fantastic fusion of catchy, upbeat instrumentals that will undoubtedly have you grooving to the rhythm. The infectious vibes of the music blend seamlessly with Cool July’s lyrical prowess, creating an irresistible sonic experience.
The essence of “Feeling It” lies in its exploration of love, delivered in a distinctive rap style. The lyrics delve into the artist’s desire to understand if his love interest reciprocates the emotions they’re experiencing. The title itself hints at this curiosity, with lyrics like “I wanna know if you’re feeling it too; do you feel the love that I’m sending you?” eloquently expressing the artist’s yearning for emotional connection.
Musically, the track is a testament to Cool July’s ability to craft songs that resonate on a deeper level. The catchy beats and rap-infused lyrics not only make it a pleasure to listen to but also provide a relatable narrative that anyone who has questioned the feelings of their love interest can appreciate. “Feeling It” captures the essence of love, curiosity, and self-expression, making it a memorable addition to the album.

No Reason Why”:
The song “No Reason Why” from Cool July’s album, “Driven By The Class”, is a compelling and introspective piece that immediately captures the listener’s attention. The track opens with an enchanting piano melody that sets the tone for the emotional journey that follows. This captivating introduction draws the audience into the artist’s world, creating a sense of anticipation for what’s to come.
Lyrically, “No Reason Why” is a standout on the album, as it delves deep into the artist’s personal thoughts and emotions. Cool July uses the lyrics to convey a powerful message about living life authentically, following one’s passions, and breaking free from societal constraints. Lines like “I’m doing what I love no matter what they say. No more living by someone else’s rule every day. I’m just living my life, so don’t try to hold me down.” Serves as a powerful declaration of self-determination and individuality.
The track’s emotional depth and relatable message create a sense of intimacy, as if Cool July is confiding in the listener about his own life experiences. “No Reason Why” stands as a testament to the artist’s ability to connect with their audience on a profound level, making it a standout track that resonates with anyone who has ever sought to break free from societal expectations and follow their own path.

My Time”:
“My Time”
, another track on Cool July’s album “Driven By The Class”, is a dynamic and multifaceted track that leaves a lasting impression on the listener. The song kicks off with rhythmic instrumentals that seamlessly blend catchy and soothing elements, creating a unique musical backdrop that draws you in from the start.
The blend of soothing and catchy vibes in “My Time” is one of its defining features. Cool July’s vocals effortlessly sync with the music, creating a captivating fusion that keeps the audience engaged throughout the song. This duality of moods adds depth to the track, making it both relaxing and energizing, depending on how you choose to experience it.
Lyrically, “My Time” delves into the artist’s aspirations and emotions. Cool July expresses a burning desire to carve out his own path and make a name for himself in the music industry. The lyrics, particularly the line “I’m gonna make a name for myself and get the respect that I deserve,” serve as a declaration of intent, emphasizing the artist’s determination to claim his rightful place and earn the respect they deserve. “My Time” is a track that resonates with anyone who has felt the drive to pursue their dreams and demand recognition for their efforts, making it a powerful addition to the album.

In its entirety, “Driven By The Class” by Cool July is a cohesive and multi-faceted album that showcases the artist’s versatility and depth. Each track offers a unique perspective on life, love, ambition, and self-discovery. Cool July’s ability to blend captivating instrumentals with profound lyrics results in an album that resonates with a wide range of emotions and experiences, making it a must-listen for fans of rap and heartfelt storytelling.

As you delve into “Driven By The Class” by Cool July, prepare to be dazzled by a dynamic and emotionally charged musical experience. Each showcases Cool July’s ability to craft engaging narratives that resonate with audiences. This album is a testament to Cool July’s artistry, and it’s bound to leave listeners captivated from start to finish. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this exceptional musical journey.

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