Embark On A Journey Of Healing, Redemption, And Transformation: Mira Sthira’s EP ‘A Fix’ Guides Us Along The Path Of Letting Go

In the heart of the United States, Bath, Maine, Mira Sthira emerges with a profound musical creation titled “A Fix”. Comprising Mira Sthira and Mikheil Rusishvili, this dynamic pair has crafted a unique EP that resonates with listeners on a deeply emotional level.

Mira Sthira and Mikheil Rusishvili are a testament to the boundless possibilities of collaboration in the digital age. Their musical journey is a testament to the connective power of the internet, as they found each other and formed a partnership through online music platforms. Their ability to work remotely while maintaining a strong creative connection speaks to the evolving landscape of music creation in the 21st century.

When it comes to influences, Mira Sthira draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Garbage, Fiona Apple, Grimes, and Aurora. This eclectic mix of influences adds depth and uniqueness to her music. Mikheil Rusishvili, on the other hand, has a deep appreciation for 90s alternative rock, electronica, and the legendary band Queen. Their shared passion for music is evident in the rich tapestry of sounds they create together.

While Mira Sthira might not have an extensive history of notable gigs or festival performances, her presence in the digital realm is undeniable. She has been interviewed on YouTube and featured in various online publications. Additionally, her music has found its way onto radio stations, expanding her reach to a wider audience.

One of Mira Sthira’s good works involves her commitment to fostering a supportive community for female artists. She is actively involved in developing a music support group, extending a welcoming hand to fellow female musicians. This dedication to empowerment and collaboration is a testament to her passion for music and her desire to uplift others in the industry.

A Fix” EP was a transcontinental endeavor, recorded in Bath, Maine, and produced in Tbilisi, Georgia. The original version was mixed by Adelphia Studios in Mexico, and both versions were masterfully mastered by Steel House Mastering in the United States. This global collaboration adds depth and richness to the EP’s production quality.

Now, delving into the heart of the EP, “A Fix,” released on September 27th, 2023, explores themes of addiction, healing, and transformation. It’s a deeply personal journey for Mira Sthira, who also works as an addiction counselor. The song delves into the multifaceted nature of addiction, whether it’s tied to substances, relationships, behaviors, or societal norms. It’s a powerful call to confront and overcome these addictions, both on a personal and collective level.

The EP “A Fix” by Mira Sthira and Mikheil Rusishvili is a musical journey that unfolds through its two distinct tracks. Despite their similar titles, these songs offer unique experiences that showcase the versatility and creativity of the artist.

A Fix EP Track List:

A Fix” is a beautifully curated masterpiece with impeccable instrumentals and production. This track emanates a captivating hip-hop vibe, drawing listeners in with its catchy instrumentals and soothing vocals. Mira Sthira’s vocal prowess shines as she delivers a performance that resonates deeply with the listener. The song’s production quality underscores Mira Sthira’s and Mikheil Rusishvili’s commitment to crafting a sonic experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

On the other hand, “A Fix-Violet’s Mix” takes the listener on a different sonic journey. This version of the song leans more towards an EDM mix, infusing groovier instrumentals into the composition. The result is a track that pulsates with energy and electronic charisma. The contrast between the two versions of “A Fix-Violet’s Mix”, demonstrates Mira Sthira’s ability to explore diverse musical landscapes within the same thematic context.

Despite the similarities between these tracks, the EP as a whole is described as a masterpiece. This overarching term aptly summarizes Mira Sthira’s dedication to her craft and her ability to create music that transcends genre boundaries. “A Fix” invites listeners to embark on a musical adventure that spans hip-hop and EDM, providing a multifaceted listening experience that resonates on both an emotional and sonic level.

The overarching theme of the EP is a poignant exploration of addiction and its many forms. It’s an invitation to confront the addictions that hold us back, be they personal, interpersonal, or societal. Mira Sthira’s lyrics and storytelling are deeply introspective, guiding listeners through the tumultuous journey of addiction and, ultimately, healing.

The song’s protagonist, Violet, represents one’s higher, wiser self in dialogue with the addicted self. Violet’s uncertainty about letting go of the addiction mirrors the internal struggle that many face when attempting to break free from destructive patterns. However, the wise self knows that true healing comes from embracing vulnerability and allowing wounds to heal naturally, without masking them with false remedies.

The recording and production of “A Fix” EP were not just artistic endeavors but also a form of shadow work and therapy for Mira Sthira. This EP reflects her personal healing journey, laid bare for listeners to experience and relate to. It’s an invitation to embark on a cathartic musical odyssey where the power of vulnerability and transformation takes center stage.

In conclusion, Mira Sthira’s “A Fix” EP is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a soulful exploration of addiction, healing, and personal growth. The music transcends boundaries, inviting listeners to confront their own struggles and embrace the journey toward recovery. With influences spanning various genres and a commitment to empowering female artists, Mira Sthira is a rising star in the music industry, offering solace and inspiration through her art. So, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating world of “A Fix” and experience the transformative power of music firsthand.

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