ETAN Unveils ‘Growing Pains (Anthems for Late Bloomers)’: A Magnificent Journey Through Resilient Symphony

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ETAN is a British musician with a global vision who creates music that speaks to people all around the world. Her move from the saturated streets of London to the exuberant energy of Tel Aviv has left her with a distinctive blend of cultural elements in her music, producing songs that arouse a sense of belonging that is global. ETAN was raised in a creative and musical household and started learning music at the young age of five. This gave her the foundation for a lifetime love of expression and creativity. In order to further her solo career, ETAN—a vocal advocate for free speech and equal rights—returned to London in 2017.


ETAN released her most recent EP, “Growing Pains (Anthems for Late Bloomers),” on January 26th, 2024. She perfectly explores themes of emotional growth, resiliency, and self-discovery throughout this EP. “Growing Pains (Anthems for Late Bloomers)” was recorded and produced just prior to the pandemic that occurred in 2020. This collection of deeply poignant songs demonstrates ETAN’s growth as a musician and her talent for crafting songs that capture and captivate listeners. Every song on the EP is a tribute to ETAN’s talent for melody and lyricism, leading listeners on a journey of tenacity and introspection. “Growing Pains” has a hauntingly beautiful vocal quality and skilled musicianship, among other intriguing and enchanting elements.

Growing Pains (Anthem For Late Bloomers) EP Track List:

Feels Like Running:
This is the first track on ETAN’s EP, and as the opening track, this song makes a lasting impression and sets the stage for the rest of the track to follow suites. The song opens with a spell-binding, captivating, intricate melody. This opening melody creeps on you like a long-lost friend as it welcomes you into the composition, setting the stage for the unfolding of a beautiful composition. This melody leads the track for the first 35 seconds of the song, providing an alluring melody that welcomes listeners into the song and the EP as a whole. As the song continues to unfold, a shift occurs at the 0:35 second mark. At this point, a rhythmic beat steadily builds up, taking over from the initial melody, and completely gains momentum and energy at the 0:39 second mark.
The vocal finally emerges into the composition at the 0:41 second mark, and the vocal is delivered with a sense of conviction. With lyrics like “Giant steps can seem so small when you’re not afraid to fall; go on and on and on; better highs were mostly lows when you stepped on your toes; go on and on and on,” she passes the message of perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges. The mention of “giant steps” that “seem so small when you’re not afraid to fall” suggests that those obstacles that you perceive to be too big can actually be overcome once you summon up courage to not be scared in confronting your fears, and you’ll see that they’re not as big as you thought. Additionally, the reference to “better highs were mostly lows” implies that the journey to success often involves overcoming obstacles and setbacks. The lyrics of the song as a whole encourage persistence and determination in pursuit of one’s goals, even when faced with adversity, hence the title “Feels Like Running”.
Overall, this track is a beautiful way to open the album; from the vocals to the melody and the rhythmic beat, this track is a true embodiment of the true nature of magnificent music and stands as a testament to the skill of ETAN.

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Hang on to me:
This is another beautiful track within ETAN’s EP, standing as the fourth track within this amazing compilation. Diving into the track, the track immediately opens with a soul-stirring, beautiful melody. This melody is the type that you just close your eyes to as you listen, allowing the melody to take over your body and soul. As the melody sets the stage for the unfolding of the lyrics and the vocal to come in, it does bore the listeners in any way; it hooks listeners right in it’s bossom, waiting for the vocal to emerge into the composition. At the 0:19 second mark, as the vocal joins in, you can hear the moving emotions evident in ETAN’s voice as it sings the lyrics with so much conviction, making you feel the emotions molded into the lyrics. One specific aspect that really touches the heart with its blissful melody occurs at the 0:39 second mark. At this point, additional alluring vocals are added to the composition, and these vocals perfectly blend with the melody and the hitting beat, creating an amazing feeling in that aspect of the song.
“Hang on to Me” delves into the love theme, and this is very evident in the soul-touching, captivating melody, the emotive vocal of ETAN, and, of course, the lyrics. The message conveyed in these lyrics speaks to the complexity of love and the depth of emotional connection between two individuals. The lyric “Last night you called me your addiction, worst of your prediction, we cannot lose each other, we can be afraid” delves into the intensity of the relationship, acknowledging the highs and lows as well as the fear of losing each other despite the challenges they may face. The repetition of the line “Hang on to me” in the track reinforces the theme of holding on even when things aren’t going in the way you expected. This line is short but has a deep message of standing strong no matter what the relationship might be going through at that point. The song “Hang on to Me” emphasizes the strength of the relationship between the two people by expressing resiliency and devotion in its lyrics. This track’s concept and lyrics undoubtedly allude to the song’s title, “Hang on to Me”.
Overall, this song is a magnificent example of ETAN’s ability to create music that speaks to the heart and soul. It is a piece of art in all its exquisite grandeur.

ETAN touches on issues of love, sorrow, and personal development in “Growing Pains,” her words resonating with a feeling of universal relatability in a refreshingly meaningful way. ETAN’s words strike deep and leave listeners feeling understood and refreshing, whether she is tackling the intricacies of human connection or the passing of time.


Growing Pains (Anthems for Late Bloomers)” is proof positive that, in a noisy and distracted world, music can heal, inspire, and uplift. With its poignant narrative and appealing tunes, this EP will speak to both late bloomers and dreamers, giving everyone who hears it solace and inspiration. Amid the mayhem, ETAN’s voice shines brightly, bringing listeners through the shadows with a sense of elegance and resiliency. Therefore, I implore you to go listen to “Growing Pains (Anthems for Late Bloomers)” right now, regardless of whether you’re a late bloomer trying to find your place in the world or you just enjoy moving music. Allow ETAN’s voice to lead you through the dark times with grace and fortitude, and experience firsthand the transforming power of music.

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