“Up At Dawn” 

Fat Cat Affair is a fantastic European artist. He grew up around Europe’s forests and countryside and has a great connection with nature, which constantly inspires him; all of this is evident in each song he produces. Not only does each song have a distinct feel, but it also carries so many feelings that you could call it therapeutic.

Fat Cat, the coolest mog on the block, spent his childhood traveling from city to city, looking for other cats to meow with. His travels led him from Paris’ smokey jazz clubs to Hamburg’s sweaty rock clubs and Warsaw’s underground blues venues.

Fat Cat Affair is a multi-instrumental, multi-genre cat-beat monster with fantastic beats. Fat Cat appreciates collaborating with others; thus, every Fat Cat project has a featured artist. Fat cat released his third single “Up At Dawn” on the 18th of November 2022.

Fat Cat’s travels throughout Europe inspired the lovely Bedroom Pop song “Up At Dawn.” It’s about rediscovering your purpose, allowing others to inspire you, and falling in love with the present moment. There is no end in sight to the planned song roster, and other wonderful partnerships and collaborations are in the works.

Another source of inspiration for “Up At Dawn” was a performance Fat Cat once gave in the Black Forest. He had recently moved out of his house and was feeling sad about everything he left behind. He found solace in playing at underground clubs while touring Europe. There he met a girl, and they had a connection. After his performance, they continued to sing together till dawn. She helped him regain hope in humans as they created some great songs. He wrote “up at dawn” as an homage to her and the connection they have with some individuals.

The song “Up at Dawn” has a simple arrangement, yet it has a powerful, uplifting energy that captures even the fleeting moments of love with such emotive and sympathetic attention. The song’s central theme is about waking up next to your loved one. The fact that precisely depicts the emotion of a love so pure and blissful may make it difficult to listen for someone who is currently single. If that moment is missing, it makes you long for it, and if it is there in front of you, it makes you want it to happen right now.

This is the song you want to wake up to on a Sunday morning when things are going well since it has a vocal performance that is wonderfully portrayed. Even if partnerships aren’t on the horizon, this might still give you a peek at how it feels.

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