With passionate vocals and a soundtrack evoking the James Bond era, Fernandez’s song “No Body” is a cinematic and explosive fusion of genres. It uses strong lyrical imagery, a new spin on well-known tunes, and a theme of friendship and femme fatale.

Fernandez is a musician, composer, and performer from Australia with a diverse range of musical experiences and genres to her credit. Fernandez has experimented with a wide range of music, including trip-hop, roots music, jazz, and modern. Portishead, Air, Bernard Hermann, Bjork, James Bond, The Andrew Sisters, The Beatles, Massive Attack, Sarah Vaughan, and 40s–70s blues/soul have all influenced Fernandez’s music.

Fernandez self-released a five-track EP in early 2022. This was a behind-the-scenes peek at the artist’s sound. While self-producing these tracks, she worked tirelessly on her upcoming solo album, produced by acclaimed esoteric Australian producer Greg J. Walker. Greg J. Walker is best known for his work under the critically acclaimed moniker “Machine Translations.” He has produced award-winning albums for Australian and New Zealand artists such as Paul Kelly, Tiny Ruins, Jess Ribiero, and C.W. Stoneking, as well as composing soundtracks for film and television, including the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries franchise.

Anthony Lanning
Anthony Lanning

This new single “No Body” by Fernandez, released on March 17th, 2023, is set inside an epic soundscape and is loaded with drama and intensity as Fernandez fills the roles of friend and femme fatale. Her sensitive and passionate vocals captivate and shine against an enormous cinematic soundtrack evocative of the Bond period of the 1950s and 1960s. Flowing old Hollywood strings collide with tremolo guitar and 1960s keyboards in a new genre that stands at the sweet intersection of alt pop, retro, alternative soul, chamber pop, and trip hop.

“No Body,” the first single from Fernandez’s upcoming solo album, is an enthralling combination of genres. It is certain to capture listeners and give a one-of-a-kind, cinematic experience.

After spending time with Greg J. Walker and talking about various genres and styles, they developed a concept that would combine the skills of both musicians and produce a unique sound. The record, which took three years to create, is a sort of ode to cinematic music and has elements of the work of Bjork, Portishead, and Bernard Hermann. This debut single’s premise is comparable to that of Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s “ROME” album from 2011, and it is supported with powerful lyrical imagery that is both fresh and well-known. An investigation of new audio possibilities marries with sounds that have previously been heard on cinema screens.

“No Body” is a must-listen due to its gigantic widescreen cinematic sound, haunting heavy grooves, and melodic expressive vocals that harken back to the James Bond films of the 1950s. Make sure to listen to it.

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