“Iridesense Unleashes Sonic Shockwaves in Their Resurgence with ‘Take Some Action’”

From the sun-kissed shores of Long Island, New York, emerges the luminescent quartet known as Iridesense. Established in 1993, this musical alliance, comprised of Rick Eberle (Vocals, Guitar), Tara Drouin (Vocals, Bass), Rob Viccari (Lead Guitar), and Rich Drouin (Drums), weaves a narrative of artistic brilliance and kinship. The band’s name, Iridesense, reflects their commitment to creating music that gleams with a multifaceted brilliance, transcending conventional boundaries.

Dancing through the corridors of television, Iridesense has left an indelible mark on Nickelodeon with features in “Zoey 101” and “Drake & Josh.” Their melodies have resonated beyond the screen, finding a home on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride,” “Room Raiders,” and even in the internationally acclaimed film “Finding Sandler.” This dynamic quartet’s discography, including notable EPs like “Thought Parade” (2015) and “Secret Constellation” (2013), showcases their versatility and enduring impact on the musical landscape.


As the echoes of their past reverberate, Iridesense emerges from an eight-year hiatus with a powerful anthem, “Take Some Action,” released on November 7th, 2023. This single not only marks a return but serves as a musical proclamation—an urging call for change and a vibrant testament to Iridesense’s lasting influence on the world of music. United by a shared passion, this radiant quartet invites audiences to join them on a melodic journey that transcends time and resonates with the harmonies of life.

I found myself immersed in the electrifying soundscape of Iridesense’s latest single, “Take Some Action.” From the first notes, it was as if I was transported into a world where every chord and beat resonated with an unyielding energy. Picture this: I, someone with a modest haircut and no rocking locks to flip around, suddenly felt like a rockstar, swaying to the rhythm as if I were the mastermind behind those powerful guitar riffs.

The journey into this high-spirited track commenced with an explosive fusion of the electric guitar and the bass drum, creating a sonic wave that shattered any preconceived notions. At the 0:12 timestamp, the introduction unfolded in all its glory, each instrument asserting its presence. The drumming was energetic, the electric guitar intense, and the lead guitar injected vibrancy into the composition, leaving a lingering echo.

As the song surged forward, the dynamic vocals of the lead singer entered at 0:20, riding the waves of vitality embedded in the lyrics. The track maintained a spark and a potent tempo, transforming every note into an integral part of a truly remarkable musical journey. “Take Some Action” revealed itself as one of the most authentic songs I’ve encountered, its lyrics serving as engaging life advice. Iridesense effortlessly communicated the importance of taking action in the face of life’s challenges, urging me to pursue my dreams even when everything seemed to unravel.

The realism embedded in the lyrics struck a chord with me; it was as if the song had become a personalized guide to navigate the complexities of life. “Take Some Action” encapsulated the essence of seizing opportunities, with lyrics like “when your life is falling apart at the seams, try to start living the life of my dreams.” It resonated on a profound level, echoing the sentiment that to live the life one dreams of, action must be taken.

Within this sonic masterpiece, certain timestamps stood out like beacons. The bass guitar’s runs between 1:46 and 1:52 were bonus points, adding a layer of enchantment to the already intense instrumentation. However, the true gem emerged between 1:53 and 2:07—the guitar riff felt like a musical revelation from another dimension, evoking an animated series’ brilliance. Iridesense showcased their musical genius, crafting each instrument into a masterpiece, while the lead singer’s vocals soared with impeccable beauty.

“Take Some Action” by Iridesense isn’t just a song; it’s a profound piece of advice set to an electrifying melody. The band’s musical ingenuity and the genuine resonance of their lyrics left me in awe. This is no ordinary song, it’s a call to action, a reminder to live life with passion, and an anthem for those ready to embark on a journey of change. Iridesense has crafted a truly beautiful and intense musical experience, leaving a completely lasting mark on my soul. Take a leap into the sonic universe of Iridesense; let “Take Some Action” be your anthem for change.

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