Jane N’ The Jungle is a rising rock band hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. Led by the fierce and dynamic vocalist/songwriter, Jordan White, the band also includes guitarist Brian Dellis and bassist Big B. Blending elements of modern rock with 90s alternative and a touch of punk attitude, they draw inspiration from iconic artists like Pat Benatar, Soundgarden, and P!NK.

In 2021, the band gained recognition with their single “Trouble,” produced by Chuck Alkazian at the legendary Pearl Sound Studios in Detroit. The song and its accompanying video earned spots on MTV Spankin’ New, Music Choice, and Spotify playlists like Fierce Femmes, All New Rock, and Women of Rock. Jane N’ The Jungle also garnered features in publications like Alt Press, Women That Rock, Loud Women, and The Hype Magazine, while their music received radio play on Sirius XM and various other stations.

Known for their heavy-hitting truths, powerful vocals, and infectious energy, Jane N’ The Jungle has been making a name for themselves with their atmospheric sound and raw musicality. Their music leaves a lasting impression, and their growing fanbase is a testament to their electrifying performances and unique sound.

Cut Me Open

Released on October 27th, 2023, “Cut Me Open” by Jane N’ The Jungle is a musical journey that merges restlessness, raw emotion, and a unique rock sound. The song’s instrumentals and vocals are both meticulously crafted, resulting in an enthralling listening experience.

Cut Me Open” is an anthem of self-discovery and the yearning to be seen for who you truly are. The lyrics reflect the sentiments of desiring something new and longing to rise to the occasion, to be enough for someone. Jane N’ The Jungle’s vocalist, Jordan White, pours her heart and soul into every note, evoking a mix of strength and vulnerability that’s nothing short of enthralling. Her euphoric vocals soar through the track, leaving an indelible mark on the listener.

The song’s opening is particularly intriguing, with lead singer Jordan White’s muffled vocals teasing the listener before the guitars and drums kick in. It’s a subtle yet effective introduction that builds anticipation, making the eventual full-throated delivery of her vocals all the more impactful.

The instrumental elements of “Cut Me Open” are a driving force throughout the song. The guitars and drums maintain an unwavering energy, providing a solid foundation for the emotional depth of the lyrics. This energetic backdrop keeps the listener engaged from the first note to the last, and the band’s proficiency in creating a powerful sonic landscape is evident.

What sets this track apart is Jordan White’s exceptional vocal performance. Her voice is distinctive and carries a wide range of emotions, from strength to vulnerability. It’s a voice that draws you in, making you hang on every word she sings. The chorus, in particular showcased her vocal prowess.

The song’s structure is worth mentioning, as it progresses in an engaging manner. Changes in vocal melody and riffing style reflect the song’s dark lyrics and irresistible energy. The stripped-down bridge, featuring an acoustic guitar and White’s raw vocals, provides a surprising twist and showcases the band’s willingness to experiment with their sound.

As the song approaches its conclusion, the band drives its message home. Distorted and muffled background vocals add a sense of chaos and desperation, emphasizing the song’s themes. The final minute of the track, complete with a hard-hitting guitar solo and White’s closing words, leaves a powerful impression.

In summary, “Cut Me Open” is a testament to the musical and emotional depth of Jane N’ The Jungle. The song’s instrumentals and vocals create a captivating listening experience. It’s a raw and unapologetic expression of emotions, with an energetic backdrop that complements the intensity of the lyrics. The band’s willingness to embrace their unique style and experiment with their sound sets this track apart in the world of modern rock, making it a standout release.

Cut Me Open

We invite you to experience “Cut Me Open” for yourself and embark on this musical journey of self-discovery. Check out the song, and let its powerful instrumentals and emotive vocals leave a lasting impact on you. It’s a track that’s not just heard but felt, and it’s sure to resonate with anyone seeking a genuine and unapologetic musical experience.

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