Kanda Unveils ‘Unanswered Questions’: A Profound Exploration And Soul-Stirring Emotional Journey


Kanda, a 19-year-old Coventry singer-songwriter, is making waves in the music industry at a young age, having caught the interest of big platforms such as the BBC, Channel 4, and MOBO. Working with groups such as the Suicide Prevention Charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), Kanda has secured features on BBC 1Xtra in addition to accumulating over 50,000 streams. Among his many achievements are the titles of BBC C&W Artist of the Month and BBC Asian Network Artist of the Week, in addition to appearances on BBC Radio 6 and Amazing Radio. Thanks to appearances at prestigious events like the 2021 MOBO Awards Press Launch and performances at the storied o2 Arena, Kanda’s profile is rising.


Kanda’s most recent song, “Unanswered Questions,” which was released on February 10th, 2024, explores the topics of love, grief, and the consequences of past relationships in great detail. Kanda’s captivating vocals and poignant melodies skillfully build a tapestry of pure vulnerability and reflection that transports listeners to the most profound corners of human existence.

From the opening few bars of “Unanswered Questions,” Kanda establishes the mood for a deeply reflective listen. The listener is instantly engrossed in a realm of emotional resonance by the song’s beautiful melody. Kanda’s voice soars as the song intensifies and peaks, powerfully reflecting the turbulent emotions that are described in the lyrics. The ease with which he was able to capture the pain and desire that are central to the song’s lyrics is a testament on his genius as a performer and storyteller.

The lyrics of the song “Unanswered Questions” are what really make it compelling because they offer a close-up view into Kanda’s innermost feelings and thoughts. With lines like “And even if we turn back time it wouldn’t make this right, now I am floating by as I’m questioning what’s the point in life and my purpose too is there a reason for all that we do, am I on the right path or am I lost within the night, and if I got over you, why are you still in my mind? Why are you still on mind,” Kanda lays bare his existential struggles and the lingering grip of a past love. Each word is imbued with a profound sense of longing and uncertainty, resonating with anyone who has experienced the ache of unfulfilled desire.

The passionate way that Kanda delivers “Unanswered Questions” is what makes it unique. Rawness and genuineness are there in every note, delivering a heartfelt sound. His deep emotional connection to every line is conveyed through his quivering voice. With its visceral response and ability to transport listeners through the highs and lows of love and grief, it’s a performance that begs to be felt.

The song’s emotional effect is increased by the way Kanda’s vocals blend in perfectly with the background beat. In order to emphasize the sensation of desire and reflection, the beat and melody generate a pulsing rhythm that supports the intensity of the lyrics. This song implores listeners to face their own unresolved feelings and issues about love and relationships.

Dan Hart has directed an engaging music video to go along with the release of “Unanswered Questions.” The video vividly brings Kanda’s lyrics to life with its striking graphics and moving narrative. The juxtaposition of scenes of introspection and seclusion with recollections of more joyous occasions emphasizes the contradictory qualities of love and loss. The song gains much more depth and significance from this visual masterpiece.

“Unanswered Questions” is primarily about universal themes of love, longing, and finding purpose in the face of ambiguity. Kanda draws on the universal human experience with his thoughtful lyrics and expressive delivery, encouraging listeners to consider their own relationships and experiences. This song touches hearts and evokes emotions in equal measure, reaching listeners of diverse backgrounds and transcending genres.

Kanda has created an emotional and reflective masterwork in “Unanswered Questions.” The song has a deep sense of depth and purpose in every part of it, from its soul-stirring melody to its moving words. “Unanswered Questions” is a monument to Kanda’s skill and artistry, continuing to make him a rising star in the world of music and leaving a lasting impression on listeners long after the song has ended. Get “Unanswered Questions” on your preferred streaming service now to avoid missing out on this amazing musical adventure!

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