Kreajours, an experimental band originating from the Chicagoland area, is a collective of four uniquely talented individuals who share a profound history. Led by Campfire, who lends his voice and expertise to guitar and drums, alongside London Boy contributing vocals, guitar, and bass, Seany Soundscapes on synthesizers, and Parentheses showcasing versatility with vocals, guitar, and bass, the band embodies a blend of shoegaze and lo-fi experimental music.

Despite geographical distances due to Campfire’s move to Florida, the band adapted seamlessly, establishing a remote collaboration system that allowed them to sustain their musical projects. Formed initially as “Starlight,” their journey together has birthed a distinctive, captivating raw, lo-fi sound inspired by an eclectic mix of musical icons like My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead, Sonic Youth, and others.

Their 2023 releases, including the debut album “Transmission” and the single “NEWWAVE,” showcase their commitment to prolific music output and innovation, setting the stage for their exploration of live gigs, particularly in Orlando and Chicago. Alongside their musical pursuits, members’ deep fascination with UFOs/UAPs adds an intriguing layer to the band’s multifaceted personality.


NEWWAVE,” a compelling original single by Kreajours, emerged into the auditory landscape on December 27th, 2023, leaving an indelible mark through its innovative soundscapes and homage to the vibrant 70’s/80’s new wave culture. Recorded and self-produced in Orlando, FL, this track stands as a testament to Campfire’s astute leadership in writing and production, coupled with the enriching input and collaborative efforts of all band members.

At its core, “NEWWAVE” serves as a nostalgic journey, encapsulating the essence of past musical eras while embracing a contemporary lo-fi direction tailored for 90’s-style nostalgia listening in 2023. Kreajours skillfully amalgamates elements of shoegaze and experimental music, crafting a sonic tapestry that pulsates with a gritty, grungy punk energy. This amalgamation doesn’t merely pay homage to the new wave genre but symbolizes new beginnings and the autonomy to chart one’s course—a reflection of the genre’s profound impact on musical exploration and sonic landscapes.

The instrumental arrangement of “NEWWAVE” serves as its beating heart and soul, weaving an intricate, captivating listening experience. Each layer—be it the guitar riffs, resonating basslines, or the intricately woven synthesizers—contributes to a vibrant, multifaceted sonic narrative. What elevates this composition is the accompanying voice entwined within the instrumentals. This ethereal vocal presence provides a rhythmic allure that seamlessly intertwines with the instrumentals, enhancing the song’s captivating essence.

A standout feature of “NEWWAVE” is its enigmatic vocal delivery. The lead vocals, draped in a subtly toned veil, defy clear comprehension, adding an elusive charm to the track. While the lyrics remain tantalizingly obscured, this unique approach adds depth and allure, highlighting the song’s captivating uniqueness and marking it as an artistic gem in its own right.

The instrumental composition of “NEWWAVE” not only captivates but also leaves an indelible mark on the listener’s memory. Its compelling and intricate rhythm resonates long after the song concludes, showcasing Kreajours’ adeptness at crafting a melody that lingers in the mind, inviting repeated immersion into its mesmerizing soundscape.

In essence, “NEWWAVE” by Kreajours isn’t just a song—it’s a sonic expedition that transcends temporal boundaries. Its meticulous construction, enigmatic vocals, and thematic richness beckon listeners into a realm where music becomes a canvas for boundless creativity. Released in late 2023, this track solidifies Kreajours’ position as musical trailblazers, setting a lofty standard for their future explorations while redefining the horizons of musical expression. Take a leap into this mesmerizing sonic journey and immerse yourself in the captivating allure of “NEWWAVE”.

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