Kwean Oontz Releases A Unique And Creative New EP

“Kwean Oontz, a dynamic artist known for his multifaceted talents, has carved a unique path in the music industry. Through resilience and creative vision, Kwean Oontz, led by Chris Courtney Martin, continues to resonate with audiences and embrace authenticity. His latest release, “A Kwean Oontz Novel”, is a deeply personal journey through survivorhood, driven by the artist’s psychic insights. The EP, entirely lyricless, captivates with catchy beats that invite you to move to the rhythm”.

Kwean Oontz, the brainchild of Chris Courtney Martin, is a dynamic artist known for his multifaceted talents in the music industry. Hailing from Philadelphia, Kwean Oontz emerged as a unique force in the music scene, with Chris Courtney Martin at the helm, serving as the producer and songwriter.

The music of Kwean Oontz draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including the electric beats of The Prodigy, the vibrant rhythms of Baltimore Club Music, the eclectic sounds of Major Lazer, and the captivating artistry of Zebra Katz. This fusion of influences results in a sound that is both electrifying and deeply engaging.

While Kwean Oontz’s journey in music has been marked by creativity and innovation, one of the standout moments in Chris Courtney Martin’s career was his victory on an episode of COMMON KNOWLEDGE, hosted by Joey Fatone. Although not a KWEAN OONTZ appearance, this achievement remains a significant highlight in the artist’s life.

Kwean Oontz, with Chris Courtney Martin’s visionary leadership, continues to create music that resonates deeply with audiences, while their journey reflects resilience, creativity, and a commitment to authenticity.

A Kwean Oontz Novel” is an original EP by the talented artist Kwean Oontz, released on June 9th, 2023. This unique “MicroAlbum” is a deeply personal and heartfelt project, inspired by the artist’s journey through survivorhood and dedicated to the memory of three close friends, one of whom tragically passed away in 2019. The EP serves as a testament to Kwean Oontz’s resilience, reflecting his ability to persevere through a series of traumatic events that profoundly transformed his perspective on life and their creative path.

This EP, “A Kwean Oontz Novel”, represents a departure from Kwean Oontz’s previous creative endeavors, marking a significant shift in his artistic expression. As a psychic medium, Kwean Oontz has embraced a channeling process that has not only opened a “3rd Ear” but also illuminated the “3rd Eye”. This spiritual journey has led him to explore the world of music, despite being a lifelong music fan and songwriter. It’s a response to the artist’s feeling of being unheard in their other pursuits.

A Kwean Oontz Novel Spotify EP Track List

Marquess Mundae
“Marquess Mundae”
is a poignant tribute and a heartwarming dedication to a late friend who played an invaluable role in Kwean Oontz’s journey towards self-acceptance in matters of love and life. This track is more than just music; it’s a heartfelt expression of gratitude and remembrance. Through its emotive melodies, “Marquess Mundae” captures the essence of the profound impact this friend had on the artist’s life, honoring their memory in a beautiful and touching way.

Outta Pocket:
“Outta Pocket
” is a vibrant and energetic love letter to the artist’s beloved hometown, Philadelphia. It serves as an ode to the infectious beats of Baltimore Club Music that resonated throughout the region during the early 2000s. Through this track, Kwean Oontz skillfully weaves together the nostalgic sounds of their city, creating a sonic tapestry that celebrates the unique musical heritage of Philadelphia. “Outta Pocket” not only pays homage to the city’s musical roots but also serves as a joyful reminder of the artist’s deep connection to their hometown.

Flex Files:
“Flex Files”
is a sonic declaration of the artist’s resilience and strength, serving as a powerful reminder that stepping away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is not necessarily a failure. In fact, it can be a bold and courageous move that leads to the creation of art that one can truly be proud of. This track encapsulates the idea that true “flexing” is not just about external success but also about internal growth and authenticity. Through its compelling soundscape, “Flex Files” encourages listeners to redefine their notions of success and to embrace their own unique paths in life.

While specific details about individual songs on the EP are not provided, it’s evident that “A Kwean Oontz Novel” is a deeply introspective and transformative musical experience. It blends the artist’s unique psychic insights with their passion for music, resulting in a project that is likely to resonate with listeners on a profound level. This EP represents a bold and courageous step in Kwean Oontz’s creative journey, showcasing his willingness to embrace new avenues of expression and share his innermost experiences with the world.

Notably, the EP is entirely lyricless, allowing its enchanting beats to take center stage. These catchy rhythms are nothing short of mesmerizing, ensuring that you’ll find yourself either nodding in rhythm or irresistibly moving to the groove. It’s a sonic experience that transcends words, inviting you to immerse yourself in the artist’s world. Don’t delay any longer; go check out this remarkable EP and let its music speak to your soul.

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