CeCe’s new track “Problems” is an inspiring and catchy anthem for everyone who has been deceived by someone they care about, offering an avenue for vengeance and catharsis in order to go on and genuinely put the hurt behind them.

If you’re looking for an artist that has been able to share stories behind a track that are meant to be told, then CeCe is definitely the artist you are looking for. The Los Angeles-based artist, CeCe, released her latest track titled “Problems” on January 13 2023. With the assistance of her manager, Glenn Delgado, the artist has been making strides on the music scene. As humans, we all have issues, but new alternative pop artist CeCe isn’t scared to speak out. CeCe is a creative enigma, and her songs are an instant relatable hit guaranteed to have you driving around town with your windows down, taking your power back from anyone who has ever done you wrong. Described by the artist as the ultimate “fuck you for cheating on me” record, the latest CeCe single “Problems” does an incredible job of capturing the sheer anger of such a situation and channeling it into a track that feels effortlessly captivating, empowering, and catchy. 

This song was written to get revenge for a friend who was brutally cheated on by their fiancé. The original single gives anyone who has ever been betrayed by someone they love an outlet to be as petty and spiteful as they want. It gives them the catharsis they need to leave that person or pain behind and truly move on. The track has this inescapable pop appeal while packing this unrelenting, dark edge to it that feels both calculating and exciting. The track has all of the seething energy and spark that you would expect from such a release, making for an atmosphere that feels palpably real and intense throughout the track’s duration. “Problems” is somehow just the third release from CeCe, but her pop sound feels as polished and fully formed as anything else you’ll hear this year. 

Starting with acoustic strums and lovely “underwater”-like filtered vocals, the song quickly fills out the frequencies and bursts forward with an in-your-face attitude. CeCe’s vocals sit clearly in the mix, and her voice displays some great modern techniques. In places, the vocals are driven, and there are times during the chorus when the additional harmonies make the song sound positively anthemic. This is a superb crossover of genres, taking in synth and electronic sounds as well as some heavy grunge guitars. The song makes superb use of rise and fall and has lots of different sections to maintain the listeners’ interest. “Problems” is an immensely appealing, commercial-sounding track that will appeal to a wide audience of fans from several genres. Clearly an artist working extremely hard on progressing her career, CeCe is a name to watch. Look for “Problems” on all major streaming platforms

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