Motihari Brigade’s single “Reality Show” is an anthem urging people to break free from the confines of a corporate-state technological dystopia, emphasizing the struggle to perceive true reality. The accompanying music video, directed by Jovana Tomasevic, portrays a mysterious hooded figure representing hope, encouraging people to momentarily break free from technological manipulation before being consumed once again by the system, aligning with George Orwell’s “1984” themes.

On July 18th, 2023, the musical landscape was graced with a powerful and thought-provoking release by the band Motihari Brigade. Their single titled “Reality Show” arrived like a breath of fresh air, blending captivating instrumentals with powerful vocals that left listeners enchanted and pondering the depths of their own reality. The band’s creative genius and collaboration with filmmaker Jovana Tomasevic birthed an equally mesmerizing music video that amplified the song’s message, urging people to break free from the clutches of a corporate-state technological dystopia.

From the very first notes, “Reality Show” captivates its audience with a thrilling drum roll, followed by the entrance of the saxophone, expertly entwined with a mesmerizing guitar bass line. This skillful fusion sets the stage for the entrancing vocals that lead us into the chorus, “Reality show, is all that we know.” The simplicity of the chorus makes it easy to sing along, pulling listeners into the song and encouraging them to participate fully.

At the mesmerizing 2:28 mark, the vocals subside, gifting the instruments an enchanting moment to radiate with brilliance. This fleeting interlude bestows the track with profound depth and emotion, paving an exalted path for the vocals’ smooth reentry and thereby amplifying the euphoria of the listening experience manifold. The song’s uncanny ability to elicit a stirring sense of nostalgia is a testament to its virtuoso composition and unfathomable emotional resonance.

The accompanying music video, an opus of visionary direction and production by the esteemed filmmaker Jovana Tomasevic of MLADE Studio, stands as an artistic triumph in its own right. Seamlessly woven into a cinematic narrative, the video delves into the daunting struggle to discern reality amidst the pervasive clutches of corporate-state technological dominion. A mysterious hooded figure takes center stage, embodying the spirit of hope that beckons individuals to break free from the shackles of oppressive technological filters imposed by an elite few.

As the video gracefully unfolds, we bear witness to moments of revelation where individuals are fleetingly liberated from the clutches of the system, enabling them to authentically perceive reality and find solace in that transcendent experience. Alas, akin to a heart-wrenching twist of fate, they are ultimately engulfed once again by the very system they desperately sought to escape. This visual allegory aligns with unparalleled perfection with the song’s overarching message, serving as a poignant reminder of the fragile nature of freedom in a world dominated by technology.

The decision to conclude the video with a haunting quote from George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece, “1984,” is a stroke of sheer brilliance, both fitting and chilling. It serves as a stark and chilling warning of the perils of surrendering control over our own realities to the malevolent whims of those in power who seek to manipulate and dictate our very perceptions. Motihari Brigade, through their masterful artistry, impassionedly implores us to remain ever-vigilant, steadfastly retain our capacity to think critically, and steadfastly resist the siren call of manufactured realities.

“Reality Show” by Motihari Brigade transcends mere musical prowess; it emerges as an anthem of unwavering defiance for those yearning to break free from the chains of illusion. The song and its accompanying video ardently encourage us to embrace the indomitable spirit of hope, cast off the stifling shackles of manipulation, and unflinchingly reclaim the extraordinary power to perceive the world as it authentically is. Long after the final haunting notes have dissipated into the ether, Motihari Brigade’s “Reality Show” leaves an indelible and transformative impression, lingering within the recesses of our hearts and minds, beckoning us to stride forth with newfound resolve.

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