Nasmore unleashes his latest Unsurpassed Rock Single

“Nasmore’s latest single, “When It Feels So Fake,” released on September 8th, 2023, is a mesmerizing exploration of the thin veneer that conceals our true emotions in today’s world. With emotive vocals, dynamic instrumentals, and a poignant message, this track invites listeners to peel back the layers of modern existence and discover the power of authenticity in music.”

Nasmore is a multifaceted artist who leaves an indelible mark on the world of music. While his striking presence in song releases is undeniable, it’s his behind-the-scenes roles as a songwriter and producer that truly define his artistry. Nasmore seamlessly melds his songwriting prowess with his production skills, meticulously crafting every beat, note, and lyric to resonate with intention. When you listen to a Nasmore track, you embark on a meticulously crafted auditory journey that reflects his creative vision.

Collaboration is at the core of Nasmore’s ethos, allowing him to explore diverse sounds, styles, and stories. His versatility extends beyond mainstream music, as he also ventures into composing for TV, infusing narratives with his signature soundscapes.

Nasmore’s impact on the music industry is undeniable, with a Spotify presence that speaks volumes: over 800K unique listeners, an astonishing 2 million streams, and a growing community of 30K followers. These aren’t just numbers; they’re a testament to the global resonance of Nasmore’s artistry, leaving an enduring mark in the ever-evolving music landscape. With a talent that transcends boundaries and a dedication to pushing creative boundaries, Nasmore is an artist to watch, shaping the future of music with each note and beat.

Nasmore’s latest single, “When It Feels So Fake,” released on September 8th, 2023, takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through the complexities of modern-day existence. With compelling lyrics, dynamic instrumentals, and a fusion of indie pop and electronic vibes, this track encapsulates the essence of a generation yearning for authenticity.

The core focus of “When It Feels So Fake” lies in its exploration of the dissonance between appearance and authenticity in our daily lives. Nasmore, drawing inspiration from renowned artists like Imagine Dragons and Nickelback, delves into the universal experience of concealing true feelings and intentions behind a façade. The track peels back these layers, inviting listeners to confront the tension between the surface and what lies beneath.

From the very first notes, the song captivates with its evocative musical atmosphere. It opens with the resonance of drums, setting a hypnotic rhythm that draws the audience in. Nasmore’s emotive vocals then join the stage, delivering poignant lyrics with finesse, inviting listeners to savor every word. The meticulous drumming, especially at the 0:48 mark when the vocals momentarily disappear, showcases the depth and artistry of the instrumentals, ensnaring the listener’s senses.

Nasmore’s vocals are the heartbeat of this track, infusing it with raw emotion and authenticity. His delivery is impeccable, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the lyrical journey. As he croons, “You never like to fight, Cause you’re afraid I’ll break,” his voice carries the weight of vulnerability, pulling the audience deeper into the song’s narrative. The multiple vocal layers add complexity and depth, creating an ethereal soundscape that resonates with the soul.

The lyrics of “When It Feels So Fake” traverse themes of fear, self-reflection, and the quest for authenticity. Nasmore’s lyrical prowess shines as he sings, “The only thing I like, The only thing about my birthday is the fire on top of the cake.” These words capture the essence of a society that often finds solace in superficial pleasures, yet yearns for deeper connections. The chorus, with lines like “I never hesitate, I never medicate,” echoes the struggle to confront one’s true self in the mirror of reality

The true magic of this track lies in the seamless fusion of powerful vocals and instrumentals. Neil Taylor’s guitar work adds a mesmerizing dimension, while Nasmore’s vocalist friends, Gabriel and Waz, complement his emotive delivery. The production quality is nothing short of exceptional, crafting an auditory experience that lingers long after the song concludes.

“When It Feels So Fake” delivers a message that resonates deeply with our times. It encourages listeners to shed the veneer, embrace vulnerability, and seek authenticity in a world that often obscures our true selves. The song’s ethereal atmosphere and emotive vocals make it a standout in contemporary music, inviting us all to reflect on the mirage we often mistake for reality.

For those who have yet to experience Nasmore’s musical journey, “When It Feels So Fake” is a must-listen. Dive into the track, let the lyrics wash over you, and allow the instrumentals to carry you to a place of introspection. Share this musical gem with friends and make it a part of your playlists. Nasmore’s message is clear: authenticity is the path to true connection in a world that sometimes feels all too fake.

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