P.E.PETROV releases his new indie-pop EP “Ch 4 The Roadworks”

“Ch 4 The Roadworks” by P.E.PETROV an EP filled with a mix of pop, rock, trap, and hip-hop, tells a story through its three tracks, with themes of setting boundaries, rejection, and holding people accountable for toxic behavior, all inspired by Petrov’s real-life experiences. P.E.Petrov wants his music to be a source of understanding and support for listeners.

P.E.PETROV was born and raised in southern New Jersey. Since he was 5 years old, he has always had a passion for music and singing, and he really tried to sing a song from one of those straight-to-VHS movies during his kindergarten show and tell, but he became too nervous and couldn’t finish the song. He first learned about music, singing, and instruments from his sister, who passed away when he was 16 years old, and music has been a form of therapy for him since then. P.E.Petrov, a singer, and composer began creating music in 2020 while under COVID lockdown with some producer buddies. Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga have all influenced him personally. He occasionally performs for the worship sessions at Fresh Start Church in southern New Jersey.

P.E.Petrov‘s debut EP, “Ch 4 The Roadwork,” was released on November 16, 2022. The three-track EP is the first in a series leading up to the full “Sadboi” album and continues the story and themes introduced in the first song, “Dbl Yllw Lines.” The EP features pop music with elements of rock, trap, and hip-hop and are influenced by artists such as Lauv, Ariana Grande, Tate McRae, Olivia Rodrigo, and Conan Gray. The EP’s opening track, “Dbl Yllw Lines,” sees Sadboi setting boundaries and drawing lines, while the second track, “Bridges,” features those who Sadboi is rejecting. The EP concludes with the ballad “Roadkill,” in which Sadboi holds those individuals accountable for their toxic behavior. These songs are all inspired by real-life conversations and experiences P.E.Petrov has had.

P.E.Petrov recorded “Ch 4 The Roadwork” at the home of his friend Zach between the years 2020 and the beginning of 2022. P.E.Petrov is also the primary producer for this project, with assistance from his buddies Tyler (Songs by Tyler) and Shane on one song (Indian Run).

The lyrics and passion of a song are its most crucial components, and it’s usually not that good if P.E.Petrov can’t sense your joy or your anguish. He would officially refer to this EP as “Sad Pop” because it is more focused on misery. Each song has its own distinctive background sound that evokes sadness and solemnity for the listener to understand what the lyrics are saying. All the songs have trap drum moments to make them modern. An organ and a reverse firecracker sound can be heard in “Dbl Yllw Lines.” In several sections, “Bridges” guitar and keyboard create the impression of a rainy day. The clock and strings in “Roadkill” give the impression that it is a depressing scene in a movie.

Roadkill” is P.E.Petrov’s favorite because of a close connection he had where someone pretended to be there for him while actually crushing all of his hopes and desires. The song “Roadkill” ended up being lyrically about something entirely different. He had never written a song while actually experiencing the subject of the song.

P.E.Petrov wants his listeners to have a deep understanding of the stories and experiences behind each of his songs. He hopes that people will relate to the themes and situations he sings about and that the songs will offer comfort and advice to those who are currently going through similar experiences. Some of his songs, like “Dbl Yllw Lines” and “Bridges,”  offer warnings and advice for people who are in difficult relationships or situations, while others, like “Roadkill,” speak to the pain and trauma of toxic relationships. Overall, Petrov wants his music to be a source of understanding and support for anyone who listens to it.

Additionally, P.E.Petrov wants the listeners to feel less alone after hearing what he has gone through. Now, check out this fantastic EP!

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