Pale Cousin Unveils ‘Out of Control’: A Sonic Odyssey In Overcoming The Dilemma Of Procrastination

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Originating from the beautiful scenery of Ireland, specifically Inagh, Pale Cousin is the creation of Terry Boosey, a talented Anglo-Irish musician who excels in playing multiple instruments, writing songs, and producing music. Pale Cousin’s music blends outsider music with organic rock, jazz, and post-punk, creating a diverse sonic palette shaped by various influences. From Captain Beefheart’s experimental sounds to Fela Kuti’s rhythmic fervor, every track showcases Boosey’s innovative creativity. Created with a DIY philosophy, Pale Cousin’s music is carefully produced in Boosey’s personal studio “Skyport,” located in the peaceful West of Ireland. Boosey’s musical journey, enriched by genetic and cultural roots in English and Irish heritage, showcases a diverse range of influences that blend together to create a unique sound that transcends traditional genre labels.

Photo by Ronan Summerly

Pale Cousin’s song “Out of Control” reflects the artist’s inner journey and serves as a wake-up call for those struggling with procrastination. Released on February 23rd, 2024, this Alt Hip-Hop tune is more than just music, it tells a story filled with self-examination and the pressure of time.

The beginning of “Out of Control” is rooted in its captivating initial rhythm, a basic beat that establishes a sense of urgency and self-reflection. Recorded in the peaceful setting of County Clare at Skyport Studio, the song is enhanced by the talent of Dr Dark Sound, whose production abilities are apparent in the track’s refined yet natural sound. Using actual instruments on top of a rhythm pays homage to conventional music production, a deliberate decision by Pale Cousin to engage with their audience using a method that is genuine and hands-on.

As the music progresses, a lighter trumpet melody is introduced, creating a sonic contrast that is both refreshing and contemplative. This brass component moves gracefully above the consistent rhythm, providing a feeling of optimism and lightness among the song’s more serious subject matter. It’s a musical portrayal of the inner conflict in the human spirit— the burden of our uncertainties and the strength required to overcome them. The trumpet’s tune serves as a guide, leading the listener through the story of discovering oneself and personal growth.

The vocal delivery of Pale Cousin stands out in a distinctive way in the Alt Hip-Hop genre. It falls somewhere between traditional singing’s melodic flow and rap’s rapid-fire delivery, existing in a liminal space. This method of vocalization guarantees that the lyrics are communicated clearly and purposefully, enabling the message of conquering procrastination to deeply resonate. The artist’s voice transforms into a musical instrument, altering with feeling and moving in sync with the beats accurately.

Photo by Ronan Summerly

The lyrics of “Out of Control” act as a confession, where Pale Cousin openly expresses his battle with procrastination. The lines “Procrastination was the norm, there was no closure due to my form, hoped it would just happen eventually, but no one never ever heard those harmonies” are a poignant reflection of missed opportunities and the silent echo of unrealized potential. These words are not just lyrics but a window into the soul of an artist who has grappled with the inertia that plagues so many creative minds.

Still, “Out of Control” rises above its self-reflective origins to become a powerful anthem. The lyric “None are here very long; So play your tune and sing your song”, serves as a clear indication of the fleeting nature of life and the importance of leaving a lasting legacy. It urges individuals to overcome procrastination and fully embrace the current moment with enthusiasm and excitement. The song changes from a story about oneself to a broader message about action and intention.

Photo by Ronan Summerly

In terms of music, “Out of Control” is a strong declaration of Pale Cousin’s artistic persona. The combination of classic musical instruments in the context of Alt Hip-Hop demonstrates the artist’s creativity. This combination of traditional and modern elements produces a musical environment that is both reassuringly familiar and thrillingly innovative. It combines genres seamlessly, honoring the past while also embracing the present.

Essentially, “Out of Control” is a musical journey that captures the human struggle with time and achieving potential. It is a story that is intimate for Pale Cousin and resonates with a broader audience. The song encourages listeners to recognize their capabilities and strive towards their objectives as they listen. It is an invitation for the audience to listen the music, and also internalize its message and feel inspired to act. So, be sure to tune in to this song, let its beat inspire you, and let it be there for you as you take charge.

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