PopKanon releases new debut hiphop/rnb single “Brothers”

“Brothers” by Popkanon encourages people to help one another and promotes coexistence and love. The song’s lyrics inspire people to make small gestures of kindness towards each other as a way of promoting togetherness and unity.

Paal Bay BraathenMorten Collier Gabrielsen, and Tomas Jensen established PopKanon, a songwriting, and production company, in 2020. Their music, which includes both upcoming and well-established performers, aims to thrill and inspire people. Pop and rock music have always been favorites of the Norwegian production and songwriting team PopKanon, who also draw equal influence from hip-hop, contemporary country music, and traditional Scandinavian songwriting to create their own distinctive sound.

After a protracted epidemic, PopKanon’s first song, “Brothers,” brings people together and promotes coexistence and love. Nef, an American soul singer, and Exclusive, a hip-hop musician, are featured in the song. “Brothers” was published on December 17, 2022, and its lyrics were composed amid the height of the pandemic in 2020.

Brothers” is fundamentally about helping one another. It’s an appeal for movement. While out for a morning stroll, say hello to a stranger. Give someone a selfless favor or, on a chilly November day, buy an old buddy a cup of coffee.

Members of PopKanon traveled to Chicago to record the single with local artists two years later when people began to travel and the lockdown relaxed. Slavic Livins, an award-winning sound engineer, mixed and mastered “Brothers” at Pressure Point after recording artists Nef and Exclusive agreed to do the vocals.

The song and a music video were both released. Filmed by director Travis Wright of RocitProductions, PopKanon encapsulated the song’s message of mutual support and prompted action to produce a favorable result. Both the music video and the song are available on several platforms.

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