“The Human Touch” by Ruiz! is an amazing single about how we humans as a race seem to have lost the love and respect we once had for each other and how it is important for society to regain these values to achieve harmony and positivity.

Hugh Ruiz Robert, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and vocalist from Sheffield, goes by the enigmatic stage name Ruiz! The songs in Ruiz!’s collection effortlessly cross over from 60s rock’n’roll to electronica, punk, pop, psychedelia, and dark rock. He has been playing music for more than three decades and is also a pianist and cellist with classical training. Over the years, he has performed as a notable rock bassist on tour with various bands, all of this while working as a teacher. Each genre is seamlessly merged with Ruiz!’s perspective on contemporary life. Songs about life, love, and the problems that men and women face today in these odd post-Covid times

The well-known musician employs a variety of skills to create works with a human touch and an expression of reality. “The Human Touch,” Ruiz!’s most recent single, was released on December 16, 2022. It is an emotional plea for people to reclaim the incorporeal touch that includes love, mercy, respect, caring, and generosity since they were once barred from it by
COVID-19.”The Human Touch,” Ruiz!’s eighth release on Only Fruit Recordings, is described as “Iberian Psych” by Sheffield’s Reverend Jon McClure. It has already received support from Tom Robinson’s Fresh on the Net and the BBC’s Introducing Mix-Tape. Ruiz!’s flavored post-punk, pop, and electronica with a three-minute, 32-second feel of the 1980s, more guitars, enticing melodies, and 1960s harmonies make it more of the band’s signature psychedelic sound without deviating from previous singles. 

The theme of “The Human Touch” is how, as a race, we appear to have lost the love and respect we once had for one another, the capacity to get along and live in a society where we help one another out instead of excluding one another and creating barriers to avoid harmony. The moment COVID appeared out of nowhere, everything stopped. We must now advance and regain our strength. Find love, practice kindness, and enjoy life.

An indie rock sound with guitars, keyboards, and intricate drum fills opens “The Human Touch” with a bang. After the midway point, the instrumental section is absolutely beautiful. The multi-layered vocal harmonies sound amazing when combined with the wild arrangement. Falsetto and fantastic vocal harmonies are both used in the vocal performance. The complex guitar riffs follow a strong foundation of pulsing bass lines and driving drums. The song’s overall excitement is heightened by the vocals’ dynamic and energizing delivery. Despite being catchy, the song is intricate and layered, with each instrument making a significant contribution to the overall sonic framework. The guitar riffs stand out in particular for their skillful and playful weaving in and out of the other instruments.

Overall, Ruiz!’s single, “The Human Touch,” is a testament to the indie new wave post-punk subgenre, fusing new wave, post-punk, and indie rock to produce a dynamic and avant-garde sound.

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