SALt are an alternative post-punk pop band from Edinburgh, United Kingdom, that has carved out a unique niche in the music scene with their fiercely independent approach and eclectic sound. Formed five years ago, the band consists of Sharon Woods on vocals, Simon Kettles on bass, Robin Woods on guitars, and James King on drums and keys. In a poignant twist, their late dog Jess is also credited as a band member for her contributions on shakers, symbolized by her ashes. SALt’s music spans a wide array of genres, embracing anything that resonates with their creative instincts. They have built a reputation for their emotional intensity, brooding soundscapes, and dark, eclectic compositions. Their DIY ethos sees them recording, producing, and releasing all their music independently. Despite currently being on a live performance hiatus due to Sharon’s recovery from major heart surgery, their dedication to their craft remains unwavering, as evidenced by their latest single, “Monsters”.

Credit: Liz Tainsh
Credit: Liz Tainsh

Released on May 17th, 2024, “Monsters” marks a poignant and significant milestone for the Edinburgh-based band SALt. Known for their eclectic and genre-blending approach, SALt has ventured into a jazzier soundscape with this track, a divergence that highlights their musical evolution while maintaining their characteristic emotional depth. The song, dedicated to the memory of Jess, the beloved dog of band members Robin and Sharon Woods, encapsulates a blend of sorrow, nostalgia, and artistic maturity, offering listeners a deeply personal and evocative experience.

The beginning of “Monsters” establishes a reflective mood with its delicate rhythmic tune, captivating the listener right away with its subtle yet complex composition. This first musical theme acts as a backdrop for the emotional progression of the song, welcoming the audience to a space that is both personal and vast. The deliberate arrangement of instruments forms a textured soundscape that is almost tangible, with each note carrying significance and determination. The rhythmic components are carefully designed, offering a stable base that grounds the song’s smoother melodic phrases.

Once Sharon Woods starts singing, the emotional depth of the song becomes more prominent. Her deep and soulful voice holds a significant emotional resonance that connects with the listener on a deep level. Sharon’s vocal performance in “Monsters” is truly captivating, as she skillfully communicates profound emotions through her nuanced delivery. Every time she sings a line, it reflects both vulnerability and strength, bringing to life the song’s exploration of somber emotions and sadness.

The words of “Monsters” explore the intricacies of human feelings, especially the deeper, more reflective parts that are commonly concealed. The title of the song hints at an examination of both internal and external fears, specifically focusing on the ‘monsters’ residing in our psyche. By employing poetic and evocative language, SALt delves into these themes with sensitivity and depth, prompting listeners to face their personal inner demons. The band’s dedication to Jess brings more emotion, as they deal with the sadness of losing a dear friend, transforming their personal pain into a shared feeling of grief and tribute.

In terms of instruments, “Monsters” demonstrates SALt’s skill in crafting a unified and engaging musical journey. Robin Woods plays guitars that create complex melodic patterns which enhance the mood of the song. Simon Kettles handles the bass, which offers a sense of stability amidst the emotional turmoil, resonating with deep tones. James King’s ability to play both drums and keys simultaneously brings depth to the composition, blending rhythmic precision and ethereal keyboard accents to enrich the overall sound of the song. Incorporating Jess’s ashes into shakers adds a distinctive and emotionally resonant touch, combining rhythmic sound with personal meaning.

The quality of production in “Monsters” is also noteworthy. Completely self-recorded and produced by Robin Woods, the track showcases a balance of rawness and polish, which amplifies its emotional effect. The focus on detail and personal touch in every part of the song showcases the DIY ethos of SALt. The way each instrument is balanced and the vocals are clear in production ensure that every element adds to the story, making a cohesive listening experience that immerses the audience in the band’s world.


To sum up, “Monsters” is a captivating and emotionally powerful new release in SALt’s collection of music. It demonstrates the band’s skill in combining different musical influences to create a unified and emotionally powerful sound. The song presents a diverse range of sound and emotion with its jazzy tones, soulful vocals, and complex instrumentation. While SALt progresses in their artistic journey, “Monsters” showcases their resilient spirit and commitment to creating meaningful music. This song encourages listeners to ponder, experience emotions, and eventually seek comfort in the common human struggle of dealing with our inner ‘monsters’. Make sure to listen to this song!

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