Sam Feinstein is a versatile artist whose study of the realms of sound is engaging and varied. Allow me to introduce you to him. Sam’s passion of music was sparked at an early age by an eclectic blend of inspirations that would later form his artistic approach. He is set in the dynamic city of San Jose, California, in the United States. The inventive soundscapes of synth-pop icons like the Eurhythmics, whose rhythmic pulse set off Sam’s musical voyage, encouraged him to explore the limitless possibilities of music.

Sam Feinstein became interested in Talking Heads’ genre-bending experimentation, Here Come the Mummies’ funk-infused vitality, and Tom Waits’ avant-garde stylings as he explored the world of sound more. These wide-ranging inspirations served as the starting point for his musical inquiry and artistic investigation. With his unmatched talent and inventiveness, Sam has dabbled in a variety of musical pursuits over his career, making a lasting impression on the music industry.


As the bassist for The Monitors, a synth-pop phenomenon, Sam Feinstein developed his skills while venturing into uncharted sonic realms and challenging the conventions of traditional music. Apart from his association with The Monitors, Sam’s career has encompassed collaborations with several musicians and bands, all of which have enhanced his creative outlook and contributed to his distinct style. Sam’s musical repertoire is as varied as it is dynamic, spanning from touring the country as the Graysmiths’ bassist to performing on stage with the esteemed New World Symphony in Miami. Sam started a new chapter in his career in 2022 by putting out music under his own name and demonstrating his abilities as a solo performer.

Sam seamlessly synthesizes his various influences to produce a unique sound that enthralls listeners and leaves them wanting more. His style includes rock guitar, ambient synths, and captivating lyrics. With his latest single, “Need Me,” which was made available on April 23rd, 2024, Sam Feinstein now transports listeners on an enthralling journey into the depths of human passion. With inspirations from Pink Floyd to Weezer, Sam puts his own distinct sound front and center, crafting a tune that is both eerie and unforgettable. With every note of “Need Me,” Sam Feinstein further solidifies his position as a musical innovator by pushing limits and defying expectations. It demonstrates both his constant devotion to his art and his unwavering desire for innovative sound design.

I’m drawn in by the depth and emotion that are infused into each and every note of Sam Feinstein’s most recent single, “Need Me,” as I listen to its eerie melodies. Thanks to Sam’s exquisite musicianship and captivating voice, I am immediately swept away into a realm of reflection and yearning as soon as the song starts. The melancholic synth-rock song develops like a sinister and enigmatic voyage, with every lyric illuminating the intricacies of codependency and addiction.

I’m captivated by the rhythmic cadence of the song’s hypnotic attraction from the very first beat. While the ambient synths give the music layers of depth and texture, the lively percussion beats create the tone for an enthralling auditory experience. The more the song goes on, the more I’m drawn into its eerie ambiance and find it unable to pull myself away from its alluring grip.

Sam’s voice does a superb job of capturing the song’s deep words, delivering them with genuine honesty and sympathy. The song is filled with longing and sorrow in every word, from the soaring crescendos in the chorus to the eerie whispers in the verses. Sam Feinstein sounds like he’s encouraging listeners to join him on this introspective and self-discovery trip, as if he’s giving his soul to everyone.

The way that Sam Feinstein combines different parts to create “Need Me” demonstrates his skill of sound manipulation. The powerful and ethereal foundation created by the deep and resonant bass tones gives the music a sense of weightlessness and solidity. The foundation of the song is made up of these subdued synth tones that gracefully and fluidly transition between the melody.


Sam Feinstein’s inventiveness is further demonstrated by the atmospheric synths, which float through the air like wisps of smoke and immerse listeners in a foggy, otherworldly atmosphere. These synths gradually fade in and out, giving the song further layers of richness and texture and creating an incredibly captivating sense of immersion. The rock-inspired guitar work adds a raw, visceral intensity that keeps listeners enthralled the entire time, while the carefully placed and masterfully crafted percussive parts give the song movement and rhythm.

Thematic complexity and emotional resonance, however, are what really make “Need Me” unique. Sam explores the complexity of love and addiction via his poetic storytelling, highlighting the poisonous nature of codependent relationships. The protagonist of the song, seen through the lens of addiction itself, begs for approval and recognition even as the real nature of the connection is revealed.

Sam Feinstein’s “Need Me” is a masterwork of eerie beauty, unmatched in talent and elegance. The song is expertly composed, with each component—from its mesmerizing melodies to its poignant lyrics—creating an unforgettable auditory experience. Thus, I implore you to pause and listen so that you can fully appreciate Sam Feinstein’s sublime brilliance. Take a musical journey that will linger in your soul as you experience “Need Me,” a song with melancholic melody and profound lyrics.

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