Scan It Reveals Debut EP: “EP DE” – A Harmonious And Captivating Sonic Pilgrimage

Emerging from the vibrant musical landscape of Chicago, Scan It is a fresh face in the industry, having embarked on his recording journey a mere two months ago. While the artist maintains an air of mystery surrounding personal details, the focus is unequivocally on the music. With an innate talent and passion evident in every note, Scan It is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene, inviting listeners you and I to explore a world where musicality takes center stage.


Representing Scan It’s inaugural venture into the music scene, “EP DE” serves as his debut EP, released on December 12th, 2023. This collection of tracks encapsulates Scan It’s distinctive perspective and creative prowess, providing listeners like you and I with an invitation to immerse ourselves in the sonic landscape he has gracefully crafted. In “EP DE,” simplicity converges with intricacy, promising a musical journey that reflects the artist’s commitment to making a notable impact on the industry.


It’s Pretty Much Meant To Be:
Immersing myself in Scan It’s debut EP, “EP DE,” the opening track, “It’s Pretty much Meant To Be,” effortlessly showcases the artist’s mastery of simplicity and effectiveness. The song unfolds with a chilled tempo, weaving a groovy vibe that resonated with me from the first listen. Engulfed in the rhythm and melody, I found myself singing along, eyes closed, hands in the air, lost in a dance that felt like Scan It had crafted the song just for me. The intricate yet subtle starting sound, a harmonious blend of angelic strings, heavenly piano-like synth, and chilling piano, sets the stage for a soul-soothing experience that captivates from start to finish.
Thematically, “It’s Pretty much Meant To Be” explores determination and optimism in pursuing connections despite perceived differences. The lyrics artfully convey mutual attraction and shared interests, symbolized by a common love for a new song. Analogies like “a can in a row of cups” and “a hand in a house of cards” highlight uniqueness and compatibility. The commitment echoed in the refrain “I’m never giving up on you” reinforces perseverance and a positive outlook, capturing the essence of finding common ground and embracing the journey of connection despite societal expectations.
The true gem of this song lies in the finely crafted instrumentation, where the beauty of rhythm and melody doesn’t just stay soft and beautiful but carries a groovy feeling with remarkable simplicity. Scan It’s ability to infuse this rare type of instrumentation sets him apart, making him an artist worthy of close attention. “It’s Pretty much Meant To Be” is not just a track; it’s a testament to Scan It’s musical ingenuity and an exciting glimpse into what this emerging artist has in store for the music world.

Come To Me:
“Come To Me,” the concluding track in Scan It’s EP “EP DE,” unfolds as a captivating anthem of self-confidence and composure. The lyrics extend a repeated invitation for someone to join in on Scan It’s positive and poised state. As I immersed myself in the verses, lines like “too stable to move” and “too confident to be burdened” painted a picture of unwavering stability and assurance. Scan It, portrayed as patiently awaiting company, maintains a cool and collected demeanor, with phrases like “I’m just eager to wait” and “Too chilled in a state to hate on my bait.” The recurring refrain, “Come to me,” serves as a poignant call for connection and shared positivity, encouraging me to embrace life with vibrant enthusiasm.
The distinctive element of ”Come To Me” lies in its thoroughly and gracefully crafted instrumentation, reflecting Scan It’s creative boldness. The song takes an unconventional start, with eclectic vocals harmonizing with a mildly groovy piano that feels like it stepped out of a cartoon movie, creating an intoxicating atmosphere. A harmonious choir-like backup and the addition of soft drumming at the 0:14 timestamp enhance the chilled yet groovy feel. At 0:51, Scan It’s vocals reach a higher pitch, and the introduction of guitar strings pulls singly, creating a celestial and bone-chilling effect. Throughout the track, Scan It seamlessly navigates unexpected turns, leaving listeners marveling at his musical prowess. “Come To Me” serves as a fitting closing statement for the EP, a testament to Scan It’s ability to break expectations and deliver an unforgettable musical experience.
In every moment of this song, one can’t help but wonder, “How did Scan It pull this off?” His mastery is evident, making him an artist worthy of admiration. “Come To Me” not only concludes the EP on a high note but also cements Scan It’s reputation as a visionary artist who defies musical norms. Kudos to Scan It for an EP that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

In the enchanting realms of “EP DE,” Scan It has woven a musical tapestry that transcends simplicity and embraces the extraordinary. From the rhythmic allure of “It’s Pretty much Meant To Be” to the self-assured symphony of “Come To Me,” this debut EP marks a captivating beginning for an artist who, in just a few months, has proven to be a maestro of emotions through sound.


As I found myself swaying to the groovy beats and getting lost in the celestial melodies, Scan It’s unique instrumentation and thematic depth became a source of both joy and reflection. “It’s Pretty much Meant To Be” invites us to celebrate connection, while “Come To Me” exudes confidence, leaving us eager for more.

In this short but impactful musical journey, Scan It has not only demonstrated his exceptional talent but has also beckoned us to join him on an odyssey through emotions and beats. The carefully crafted rhythms, the intricate harmonies, and the profound lyrics are testament to Scan It’s commitment to delivering an experience that goes beyond expectations.

Therefore, my resounding recommendation echoes with excitement: dive into the harmonious world of “EP DE.” Scan It has emerged as a promising artist, and his debut EP is a testament to the potential that lies within his musical prowess. As we eagerly await future creations, “EP DE” stands as a vibrant testament to the beginning of a musical journey that promises innovation, emotion, and a symphony of experiences yet to unfold.

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