Sonic Jazz Serenity: Allan Harris Invites You To “Live At Blue LLama”

I would like to present to you Allan Harris, the man whose talent for music knows no limits, and his band, Cross That River. Though he was born in Brooklyn, jazz great Allan Harris now sits in Harlem. He has attracted attention from spectators worldwide due to his remarkable talent and appealing appearance. Allan Harris’s multifaceted status as a musician stems from his successes as a lyricist, guitarist, songwriter, and voice. Both his opponents and allies have bestowed upon him several honors.

Over his career, Allan Harris has made over fourteen albums, making him one of the most acclaimed voices in jazz today. His dramatic stage presence and great emotional resonance have won him numerous prizes, such as the prestigious “Sarah Vaughan International Vocal Competition” winner and the New York Nightlife Award for “Outstanding Jazz Vocalist.” In addition, Harris spends a lot of time instructing, bringing the history of the Black West to schools, museums, and performing arts venues. As a result, his contributions to the cultural environment go beyond the stage.

Allan Harris’s band, Cross That River, a group of gifted musicians whose skill and artistry compliment Harris’s vocals with unmatched synergy, is traveling with him on this musical adventure. When combined, they produce a soundscape that goes beyond simple music and takes listeners to a place where jazz is experienced as an all-encompassing, beautiful, and emotional experience. Numerous media outlets have featured their enthralling performances, including NPR’s “All Things Considered,” CBS NY, and NBC NY. These honors confirm the band’s reputation as trailblazers in the jazz industry and attest to their lasting influence on society.

Allow me to lure you now with a sneak peek into the captivating world of Cross That River’s and Allan Harris’s most recent album, “Live at Blue LLama.” This record, which was released on July 28th, 2023, is a monument to the impact of live performances; it captures the essence of the band’s unmatched talent and the seductive persona of Allan Harris on stage. Every song on the album, from the poignant performance of “Sunny” to the magnificent majesty of “Shimmering Deep Blue Sea,” carries listeners to the epicenter of jazz and invites them to immerse themselves in a realm of melody and emotion. So take a seat back, unwind, and enjoy the mesmerizing melodies and timeless beauty of Cross That River and Allan Harris.

Live At Blue Llama (Live) Album Track List:

Sunny (Live):
Upon witnessing the captivating live rendition of “Sunny (Live)” by Allan Harris, featured on the album “Live At Blue Llama (Live),” I am enthralled by the extraordinary talent and intelligence on exhibit right away. Allan Harris’s voice resoundingly says “yes lord,” setting the tone for an incredible musical voyage right away. I’m transported to a world of immersive jazz magic by the delicate dance of the piano, the heartfelt resonance of the bass, and the ethereal movement of the drums. Every note has the impression of a brushstroke painting a vibrant canvas of sound, creating an incredibly moving tapestry of music.
I’m fascinated by the thematic quality that penetrates every tune and lyric as the song progresses. “Sunny” is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of how love and optimism can change lives and help us overcome our challenges. Allan Harris masterfully conveys the difficulties and obstacles we all encounter in his heartfelt lyrics, such as “Yesterday my life was filled with rain.” However, a significant shift happens with the appearance of “Sunny,” who stands for brightness and love. The song takes on the role of a light of hope, illuminating the way ahead and bringing warmth and joy into the heart. “Sunny” portrays the resiliency of the human spirit with a timeless beauty through its upbeat message and heartfelt music.
The exquisite orchestral symphony that permeates every second of “Sunny” is what really makes it stand out. Each instrument contributes in a different yet remarkable way to the creation of a jazz classic, from the lively percussion to the delicate piano notes. I’m enthralled with the incredible arrangement and flow of the instrumentation, which has moments of pure ecstasy and wonder. The orchestration achieves a crescendo of well-organized beauty between the 2:14 and 3:12 timestamps, as each musician gives their all to the song, producing a moment of unadulterated musical bliss. Allan Harris and his band Cross That River remind us of the uplifting and inspirational power of music with their performance of “Sunny,” showcasing their unmatched brilliance and artistry.


So What? (Live):
When I lose myself in the mesmerizing sounds of “So What? (Live)” from Allan Harris’ album “Live at Blue Llama (Live),” I’m taken to another world where jazz is more than just music—it’s an ethereal experience with deep beauty and emotional connection. The song begins with a compelling call-and-response dynamic created by the interaction of the drummer’s rhythmic beats, the pianist’s subtle melodies, and Allan Harris’s superb vocals. As the song goes on, the whole instrumentation blossoms with the bass’s majesty, the drumbeat’s subtle play, and the piano’s graceful dance, creating an absolutely wonderful bass-heavy refuge.
“So What? (Live)” stands out due to the brilliant arrangement that flows through the entire song. Truly heavenly sounds weave a lovely tapestry of sound with the nuanced introduction of each instrument, the flowing beat, and the smooth melody. Saxophone’s brilliant, full-bodied tones provide another level of subtlety and depth, taking the music to new heights. I am mesmerized by the performance’s sheer beauty as Allan Harris’s voice softly blends with the instrumentation. It fills me with a sense of pure musical ecstasy.
“So What? (Live)” is a monument to both Allan Harris and his band’s unmatched talent and the enduring appeal of jazz music. This song is a masterpiece in every way, from its heartfelt choruses to its enthralling musical interplay. I am reminded of jazz’s transforming ability to uplift, inspire, and carry listeners to a realm of pure musical delight as I immerse myself in the incredible beauty of the music.

Black Coffee Blues (Live):
I’m submerged in a symphony of exquisitely gorgeous music as I dive into the soul-stirring sounds of “Black Coffee Blues (Live)” from Allan Harris’ album “Live At Blue Llama (Live)”. I am pulled into a world of sounds unlike any other as soon as the piano’s sensual and lovely tones begin to permeate the air. The song develops into a rich and energizing tapestry of sound as lively drumbeats, explosive guitar chords, and flowing bass lines come into play. These instruments come together to create a gentle, soulful spirit that is bursting with passion.
“Black Coffee Blues (Live)” is distinguished by the exquisite interplay of instruments that develops across the song. Every instrument has a chance to shine, adding to a well-balanced, beautiful tune that dances with grace and elegance. It’s clear that Allan Harris is a maestro orchestrating the sound wave produced by the group when his voice enters the mix, not merely a vocalist. The saxophone enhances the composition’s elegance and gives it additional layers of depth and intensity, making it an already captivating work.
The song reaches a powerful crescendo at the 5:10 mark, with an enormous energy spike that is nothing short of epic. Nevertheless, a consistent melodic approach comes through amid the energy and passion, highlighting the band’s unmatched skill and craftsmanship. The instrumentation of “Black Coffee Blues (Live)” strikes a delicate yet compelling balance that is what makes the song so exceptionally unique. I am reminded of jazz’s transformational ability to arouse emotion, stir the soul, and carry listeners to a realm of pure musical bliss as I lose myself in the beauty of the music.


Shimmering Deep Blue Sea (Live):
I’m transported to a realm of elegant beauty and soul-satisfying melodies as I dive into the tranquil sounds of “Shimmering Deep Blue Sea (Love)” from Allan Harris’ album “Live At Blue Llama (Live)”. The song begins with the angelic tones of the piano, softly complemented by the soothing pounding of percussion and the smooth movements of the guitar strings. This serene environment envelops me like a warm embrace. I find myself enthralled in the song’s subtle dance of instrumentation as it develops, each note revealing a deep sense of emotion and beauty. Each component works together to create an immersive work of jazz enchantment, from the deep, sluggish bass tones to the airy flute-like tones.
“Shimmering Deep Blue Sea (Live)” is essentially a moving examination of longing, nostalgia, and the persistent power of memory. Allan Harris conjures us a serene and contemplative image of a tiny cafe with a view of the deep blue sea through expressive words and a moving melody. The protagonist’s desire to relive special times spent with a loved one is poignantly reminded by the repeat of the line, “I wander there almost every night, With memories of you there with me.” The enormous expanse of memories and feelings that linger in the depths of the heart are metaphorically represented by the shimmering deep blue sea, which captures the bittersweet beauty of nostalgia amidst the passing of time.
The profound meaning conveyed by “Shimmering Deep Blue Sea (Live)” and the delicate instrumentation are what really make it stand out. The song’s core is flawlessly captured by the nuanced instrumentation and subtle interplay, resulting in a truly remarkable musical masterpiece with deep significance. The song has a gentle gentleness that captivates and moves the listener from start to finish, making a deep effect on their soul. I am reminded of jazz’s transformational ability to arouse emotion, stir the soul, and carry listeners to a realm of pure musical bliss as I lose myself in the beauty of the music.

Allan Harris’s “Live at Blue LLama” is a brilliant demonstration of his mastery of music and depth of feeling. Every song showcases Harris’s extraordinary vocal ability and the cohesiveness of his group, Cross That River. This album has a deep emotional impact on listeners, touching on everything from the transformational power of love to the timeless beauty of treasured memories. As Allan Harris’s sultry vocals take center stage and spin tales of love, longing, and tenacity, be ready to experience jazz like never before. All of Cross That River’s songs are symphonies of sound that will leave you speechless, with their flawless musicianship serving as the ideal backdrop. So put on some music, turn down the lights, and allow yourself to be transported to a place where worry and time stand still.

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