Soulful Chronicles Of Reflection: Highland Kites’ “We Both Know It” Journey

In the lively expanse of Los Angeles, Highland Kites began their musical saga nearly a decade ago. Founded by the multi-talented Marissa Lamar, the band has matured into a harmonious trio, with Neil Briggs on drums and Nigel Briggs contributing the resonant hum of the fretless bass. Influenced by luminaries such as The National, Sharon Van Etten, The Cure, and Radiohead, Highland Kites has etched their presence through over a hundred live shows and six U.S. tours.

Relocating to the heart of Nashville in 2020, the band found a new canvas for their sonic artistry. Marissa Lamar’s diverse talents, coupled with the rhythmic finesse of Neil Briggs and the melodic tones of Nigel Briggs, create a musical soundscape that resonates with authenticity. As Highland Kites continues to evolve, their journey becomes a testament to dedication and the profound impact of their artistry on diverse audiences across the nation.

Highland Kites welcomed me into an emotional realm with their latest single, “We Both Know It,” a soulful creation that transcends mere melodies. Rooted in the depths of human experience, this song invites listeners like me to embark on an introspective journey guided by its enchanting tones. Released on December 1st, 2023, the track serves as a testament to the band’s ability to weave raw emotion into a musical fabric, leaving a lasting mark on the hearts of those who lend it their ears.

As the morning sun kissed my room, I decided to embark on my day with a song, unknowingly stepping into the captivating embrace of Highland Kites’ “We Both Know It.” From the first play, I found myself teetering on the edge of a trance—a testament to the song’s power to draw me into an introspective journey, compelling me to envelop myself in its profound reflections. Highland Kites has crafted a masterpiece that serves as a mirror to the soul, offering a poignant space for self-discovery.

The inception of this sonic journey is marked by a gentle drumbeat that caressed my ears, harmonizing seamlessly with the soothing guitar and the gliding tones of the fretless bass. This delicate balance creates a magnificent harmony, a magic that persists from the song’s commencement to its crescendo. At the 2:36 timestamp, the intensity of this enchanting magic reaches its zenith, maintaining its grip on me until the final note. It’s a journey, not just through sound, but through the ebb and flow of emotions orchestrated by Highland Kites.

“We Both Know It” transcends being merely a song; it becomes a narrative that mirrors my flaws and acknowledges the weight of truth. The lyrics, echoing sentiments like “I am the sharp edges, I am the rough piece,” lay bare the acknowledgment of faults, making it impossible to ignore the complexities of self-awareness. The truth, though heavy, pushes on shoulders and unsettles lungs, yet it’s the very acknowledgment that fuels a journey towards self-improvement.

One indispensable element in this musical canvas is the ethereal voice of Highland Kites’ lead singer, Marissa Lamar. Her vocals, akin to pure snow and sweet caramel, carry the emotional downpour of each lyric, sounding as if an angel was destined to sing these lines. Neil Briggs’ masterful drumming and Nigel Briggs’ virtuoso fretless bass further elevate the composition, creating a symphony that goes beyond the ordinary. Together, they form a harmonious ensemble that breathes life into the profound narrative woven by Highland Kites.

Highland Kites’ “We Both Know It” is a transformative experience that resonates with the complexities of self-awareness and introspection. From the delicate harmonies to Marissa Lamar’s celestial vocals, the song weaves a narrative that lingers long after the final note. As I find myself reflecting on the profound truths unveiled within its verses, I wholeheartedly endorse this masterpiece to anyone seeking a musical journey that surpasses the ordinary. Highland Kites has not just created a song; they’ve crafted a soul-stirring composition that invites listeners to explore the depths of emotion and self-discovery.

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