The musician Alessia De Gasperis, formerly known by her stage name Kai, has a captivating musical journey that matches her style. Alessia’s early exposure to Toronto, Canada’s broad cultural scene has influenced the development of her artistic identity. She was born and raised in the city. Her developing skill found a fertile home in Toronto, a city renowned for its thriving music scene and diverse range of influences.

With her dreamy voice, Alessia first came to attention and was soon in demand as a collaborator in the electronic music industry. Her breakout hit, “Never Be Like You,” a duet with Australian producer Flume, went multiplatinum and was nominated for a Grammy® Award. This song, which demonstrated her ability to skillfully combine passion with electronic sounds, was a turning point in her career. Her voice, acclaimed for its crystalline clarity and dramatic depth, further solidified her place in the industry on hits like “Mind” by Jack Ü and “Crawl” by Childish Gambino.

Reintroducing herself under her true name in 2021 was Alessia De Gasperis’s decision to start a new chapter in her career with a more sincere and personal approach. Her ability to freely explore her creative visions and musical roots was made possible by this shift, which signified a huge growth in her talent. Alessia, who is currently located in Los Angeles, has kept refining her sound by incorporating the creative energy of her new home city and the varied influences of her childhood in Canada.


The song “Evil Eye,” which embodies Alessia De Gasperis’ artistic renaissance and represents a daring step in her solo career, was released on May 10th, 2024. Alessia creates a spooky and fascinating alternative-pop gem with “Evil Eye.” With its compelling story of emancipation and self-discovery, the single grabs the listener’s attention from the very first note. In addition to solidifying her status in the music industry with “Evil Eye,” Alessia De Gasperis paves the way for a promising future. With this song, she is announcing her independence and inviting you to travel with her on this thrilling new adventure.

The song “Evil Eye” is a masterclass in combining mellow grooves with ominous, resonant undertones to create a calming yet incredibly potent soundtrack. Alessia’s voice, which is well-known to many from her previous partnerships, has a fresh vibrancy and an unmistakable emotional impact. “Evil Eye” is a remarkable tune that is sure to make an impact because of its deep layers of percussion, bass, and synths, which provide the ideal setting for her amazing vocals.

From the moment the song starts, I was captivated by the smooth groove Alessia crafted. The opening is marked by a soft clash of sweet synths and a deep-rooted bass guitar that sets a laid-back yet profoundly engaging tone. The interplay of these elements creates a perfect foundation that gradually evolves into a rich alternative pop experience. When the delicate caress of the pulsing drum beat kicks in, it adds a layer of rhythm that is both soothing and invigorating. I could feel the various synth forms filling the atmosphere, each adding to the song’s intricate texture.

Alessia’s voice is undeniably the highlight of “Evil Eye.” The same voice that enchanted listeners in Flume’s “Never Be Like You” and Jack Ü’s “Mind” is here in all its glory, but with a new level of intimacy and power. Her vocal prowess is stunning, weaving her lyrics into the instrumental masterpiece with perfection and precision. The double-tracking of her voice adds a haunting depth, giving each line twice the emotional impact. It’s like she’s singing directly to me, making the experience all the more personal and immersive.

The rhythm of “Evil Eye” is out of this world. The melody is beautiful, and the tempo is spot on. The song manages to be both laid-back and heavy, a combination that’s hard to pull off but Alessia does it effortlessly. The bass guitar takes charge with its deep and heavy quality, providing a strong backbone for the track. The synth-piano sounds are pure, clean, and clear, adding a layer of elegance that complements the overall feel of the song. Every chord I heard was more than exceptional—they were heavenly, creating a soundscape that’s both groovy and sophisticated.


The stability of the song’s sound as it goes along is what really sets it apart. Alessia creates a consistent and engrossing listening experience by sticking to the soft, laid-back, heavy, and groovy vibe throughout. “Evil Eye” skillfully maintains a distinct equilibrium throughout, a feat that is seldom found in other tracks. This level of consistency demonstrates Alessia’s vision as an artist and her talent as a musician.

Thematically, “Evil Eye” transports the listener on a beautiful voyage of liberation from the constraints of poisonous love. The song’s lyrics are a moving meditation on the difficulty of ending relationships that no longer benefit us. Because of its very relatable story, the song is not just a sensory experience to listen to, but also an emotional one. “Evil Eye” is genuinely remarkable because of Alessia’s ability to express such a strong message via her music.

I noticed that as I listened to “Evil Eye,” I was feeling the song as well as hearing it. The theme of the song is excellently supported by the groove, which is simultaneously heavy and laid-back. This song offers a feeling of empowerment and emancipation that speaks to the heart and soul. “Evil Eye” offers a cathartic release in a gorgeous, funky package for anyone who has ever felt stuck in a poisonous relationship.

“Evil Eye” effectively displays Alessia De Gasperis’s skill and artistic development. This song creates a very personal yet widely relatable sound by fusing great production value with emotional depth. Alessia stated that she is only getting started, and that with “Evil Eye,” she has raised the bar extremely high for future work. I’m eager to hear where Alessia’s path leads her next because this song is a gem that should be listened to often. Press “Evil Eye” to start a melodious voyage of self-discovery and emancipation with Alessia, and experience the enchantment for yourself.

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