In the heart of Chicago, Spread’s musical journey unfolds like a captivating tale, intertwined with the rhythmic beats of the city that molded him. For over two decades, Spread has harmonized with fellow musicians, creating a musical tapestry that spans the globe—from the vibrant streets of Oakland to the eclectic scenes of London. The roots of his art dig deep into the soil of high school friendships, blossoming into a versatile artist who effortlessly wears the hats of MC, DJ, producer, instrumentalist, and audio engineer.

The influences that shape Spread’s sound are as diverse as the cities he’s called home. Hieroglyphics, Outkast, and Pharcyde breathe life into his hip-hop essence, while Sly & The Family Stone, Prince, Funkadelic, and Curtis Mayfield infuse soul into his creations. Spread’s collaborative spirit extends beyond the studio, having shared stages with the likes of Doja Cat, Earthgang, and Grandmaster Flash, proving his ability to transcend musical boundaries.


Enter the vibrant realm of ‘Target Practice,’ the latest musical revelation by Spread, the versatile hip-hop artist from Chicago. This sonic journey, released on November 24th, 2023, is more than a song—it’s an auditory expedition through uncharted territories of rhythm and expression. With a blend of hip-hop, funk, and soul, ‘Target Practice’ defies genre norms, offering me an all-encompassing experience that transcends the ordinary.

“Bars! Bars! Bars!” – the rallying cry echoed through my senses as I delved into Spread’s latest creation, “Target Practice.” The sheer mastery of lyricism displayed in this single left me marveling, as Spread effortlessly hit the bullseye with each verse, defying expectations and setting an impossible standard. Lines like “ain’t jumping out your plane, rather be a no-name with the greatest flow game, no shame” wait that’s not all, listen to this “ain’t time for fiddling, giggling, wiggling, bigger than anything your mind conceives, I believe I can achieve any masterpiece my mind can weave.” these lines resonated with an undeniable truth, transforming the song into an absolute masterpiece that defied conventional boundaries.

This rap journey, although rooted in the genre, embarked on an unexpected path from the very start. The soothing sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling opened the song, creating an atmosphere that felt paradoxically calm and invigorating for a rap piece. At the 0:17 timestamp, Spread’s vocals emerged, weaving seamlessly with a slow-tempo drumbeat that added an unexpected layer of depth. The unconventional softness of the drumming at 0:32, where Spread rapped to just the hi-hat, showcased an innovative approach seldom witnessed in the rap landscape. As the bass guitar cruised gently beneath the composition, every element contributed to an unparalleled auditory experience. The 1:07 timestamp marked the introduction of Moog, organ, and trumpet, each enhancing the laid-back instrumentation without altering its essence.

“Target Practice” isn’t just a rap anthem; it’s a declaration of empowerment, individuality, and artistic integrity. Spread fearlessly rejects societal binaries and norms, proclaiming a commitment to forging his own path and dismissing simplistic categorizations with lines like “yes or no-ers” and “good and evil-ers.” The song serves as a metaphorical call for personal and artistic development, urging listeners, including myself, to engage in their version of “target practice” and refine their skills. Spread’s rejection of superficial fame in favor of being a “no-name” emphasizes a dedication to personal fulfillment over external validation. By challenging conventional notions of time and space, Spread invites the audience on a journey of self-discovery and continuous growth, making this song a rallying cry for those seeking to break free from societal constraints.

Yet, amidst the brilliance of every element, one standout moment left me breathless. At the 1:49 timestamp, a pause descended, creating an anticipatory silence that was promptly shattered by a musical storm. The organ, the drum roll, the bass runs, and the turntables – each component contributed to a sequence of sheer madness that showcased Spread’s unparalleled creativity. In this moment, Spread not only spread his creativity but unleashed a force that defines the very essence of “Target Practice.” Kudos to Spread for crafting a track that transcends genres, leaving a lasting mark on the rap landscape and solidifying it as a marvelous masterpiece.


Spread’s “Target Practice” stands as a testament to the limitless boundaries of creativity within hip-hop. This musical journey, marked by unmatched lyricism and genre-defying instrumentation, transcends conventional norms and carves its own niche in the vast landscape of rap. As the song unfolds with each carefully crafted verse and unexpected musical twist, it leaves an indelible print on the listener’s psyche. I am echoing the sentiment of embracing this track as not merely a song but an experience—an anthem for those seeking authenticity, artistic evolution, and a break from the confines of societal expectations. As Spread and his collaborators push the boundaries of what hip-hop can be, “Target Practice” paves the way for a refreshing and liberating auditory exploration, inviting listeners to join in the revolution of unbridled creativity and self-expression.

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