Josh Tepper Releases An Harmonious And Captivating Acapella Single

“Guide Me Meron (Acapella),” released by artist Josh Tepper on August 27th, 2023, offers a captivating fusion of vocal harmonies that defy conventional boundaries. Tepper’s meticulous vocal arrangement and heartfelt lyrics create an emotional journey, making this rendition an anthem of encouragement and a profound musical experience for listeners”. Josh Tepper, a native of the…

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Josh Tepper releases his Latest Astounding Electronic Pop Single

Josh Tepper’s song “Poison Apple” is about leaving toxic relationships and taking back one’s freedom from an abusive and toxic person’s control. The song exhorts people to let go of negativity and hold onto their courage. Josh Tepper was born and raised in New York City, where singing has always been his passion. Miley Cyrus, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Kim Carnes, and Tom…

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