Josh Tepper’s song “Poison Apple” is about leaving toxic relationships and taking back one’s freedom from an abusive and toxic person’s control. The song exhorts people to let go of negativity and hold onto their courage.

Josh Tepper was born and raised in New York City, where singing has always been his passion. Miley Cyrus, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Kim Carnes, and Tom Cochrane were some of his musical influences. Brilliant musician Josh Tepper leaves an enduring impression on his audience with his passionate performances. Before enrolling at NYU Tisch for his BA in cinema studies, Josh Tepper majored in voice at the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music, Art, and Performing Arts. He has previously worked for Cynthia Rowley and Gwyneth Paltrow. He currently works for Kelly Killoren Bensimon, a model, author, realtor, and fashion designer, as her executive assistant.

With hits like “Walking in Memphis” and “Built Me,” Josh Tepper has recently become well-known. On March 6, 2023, the artist released his newest single, “Poison Apple,” which is his interpretation of learning to let go of a romantic relationship. The track combines layers of harmonies with electronic and dance-pop influences to produce Josh Tepper’s signature dreamy soundscape.

Josh Tepper’s experience of being in a toxic environment a little over a year ago served as the basis for “Poison Apple.” The song is about escaping toxic environments and realizing that even the brightest things occasionally have a lot of drawbacks. In other words, “Poison Apple” is a song about reclaiming your freedom, letting go of negativity, and maintaining your strength. The refrain, “Don’t want to eat your poison apple”—which stands for resisting someone’s toxic and abusive control—is Josh’s favorite part of the song.

The song “Poison Apple” is an ideal synthesis of electronic music and indie pop with a hint of melancholy. An arpeggiating synth at the song’s opening establishes the mood for the rest of the track. As the song develops, the layers of guitars near the end give the melody an additional dimension, enhancing its allure. Josh Tepper’s vocals are one of the track’s standout elements. He displays his training with impressive vocal runs and an emotive delivery as a vocal major graduate. His vocals are also effortless and slick, perfectly complementing the upbeat yet melancholy mood of the song.

The song’s distinctive sound would work well in a romantic drama film or television program. The uncertainty and longing that come with growing up could be perfectly captured in this kind of song. The song’s lyrics, “I was under her spell, but I couldn’t tell,” perfectly describe the ambiguity of a failing relationship.

Anyone could dance along to “Poison Apple” while experiencing nostalgia. An upbeat, catchy melody with elements of electronic and indie-pop is produced, making it difficult not to dance to it. The complex arrangement and varied melody of “Poison Apple” will keep listeners entertained, but Josh Tepper’s depth is best displayed in the profound lyricism.

In the New York underground music scene, Josh Tepper is undoubtedly one of the best up-and-coming indie-pop acts to keep an eye on. You should unquestionably listen to this masterpiece and add it to your playlist.

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