With rumbling guitars, thudding rhythms, and soaring vocals, Suburban Bicycle Gang’s “In The Cosmos” examines the mystery and size of the universe. Fans of psychedelia, rhythm and blues, and Canadian indie music will love this colorful, funky alternative rock track with a trippy and futuristic ambiance.

Dave Fox, Jerry Grey, and Eric St-Pierre make up the Cambridge, Ontario-based indie rock group Suburban Bicycle Gang. In their music, the trio combines earworm melodies with meaningful lyrics. The Gang’s lifeblood is Jerry Grey, its leader, who also provides the groove and many Kick songs. The Gang’s producer and fellow Rider, Eric St-Pierre, brings the Gang songs to speakers or headphones near you. On some songs, he also performs the jig. As the gang’s bard and beat, Dave Fox, a fellow rider, adds his youthful, coconut twist to everything suburban.

On February 24, 2023, Suburban Bicycle Gang released their brilliant new single “In The Cosmos.” It’s their first new song since “Softballs Are Too Hard,” their debut album from 2019, and it transports you on a spherical and atmospheric journey through the cosmos. A demonstration of their distinctive sound is “In The Cosmos.” Suburban Bicycle Gang is quickly emerging as a band to watch in the Canadian music scene, thanks to their upbeat live performances.

The title track of their upcoming album, due out this spring, is “In The Cosmos.” Driving guitars, pounding drums, and soaring vocals are used by this alternative rock band to demonstrate their adept musicianship and catchy songwriting. With its dynamic and atmospheric sound, the song explores the cosmos’ vastness and mysteries. Fans have been responding favorably to it, especially on Soundcloud. The colorful, funky song “In The Cosmos” plays with intriguing textures to produce a sound that is completely original. Before choosing its own course in life, it pinches from jazz, holds open the door for soul, and peers over its shoulder at classic rock. It is independent rock with a lime and starlight twist.

The song begins with a few clean melodic guitars and a well-planned progression that moves the listener back and forth with emotions and grooves. Speaking of groove, the drummer and bassist team up to give the song a solid rhythm section that is unmistakable in the melodic wall of sound we hear. The singer instructs us on how to employ proper vocal mechanics while sounding passionate and emotional at the same time. The psychedelic and futuristic atmosphere created by his distinctive vocal style and the guitar effects is appropriate for the song’s title and lyrical themes. The lengthy instrumental interlude in the middle of the song, followed by the reverbed guitars, demonstrates the mastery and experience these guys have with their equipment, as well as their commitment to using their music to further the themes and lyrical content of their lyrics.

Generally speaking, “In The Cosmos” has a drawn-out, low-spoken-word ending with intriguing effects. We can see how a late-night playlist would be perfect for this song. Suburban Bicycle Gang’s newest song, “In The Cosmos,” a nostalgic blast from the 1970s, will appeal to fans of psychedelia, rhythm and blues, and Canadian indie rock.

You won’t be disappointed, so I implore you to listen to this incredible masterpiece right away.

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