Podge Lane’s album “Common Country Misconceptions” combines country music with unusual arrangements and has ten tracks with in-depth narratives. The album questions the idea of a “happy ending,” exploring the idea that even when our wishes come true, we are still human beings who feel pain and difficulties.

Podge Lane, an Irishman from the charming city of Cork, is one of the greatest country folk singers you will ever hear. The listeners are rewarded with too much pleasure through a top-notch listening experience thanks to the new and straightforward compositions and his astonishingly written lyrics. On March 10, 2023, Teip Records released “Common Country Misconceptions,” the sophomore album from Podge Lane. He is renowned for fusing country instrumentation with unconventional arrangements, and he has developed a rich story that permeates his ten-track discography.

Podge Lane offered a glimpse into one bad night in the author’s life in his debut album from 2021, “Outer Monologues,” and ended it with the hope that things would get better. What follows “happily ever after”? Podge Lane asks as he presents “Common Country Misconceptions.” Podge Lane has always loved country music, listening to the great stories of warriors defeating evil, finding true love, and riding off into the sunset. Lane remains to investigate the next chapter as the credits start to roll.

“Common Country Misconceptions” is a compilation of songs that are all equally incredible and instantly comforting. This record is fascinating not only for the intense auditory pleasure it provides but also because each and every song on it has a narrative purpose. You will undoubtedly be able to connect to the lyrical content of the tracks on this album if you pay close attention as you listen.

“Common Country Misconceptions” Track List

• Welcome To Paradise

• Paradise

• Battle Wounds

• I Can See You In My Dreams (Tonight #27)

• Common Sense

• I Wish That I Had Your Life

• Too Late

• History Repeatin’

• Change In The Weather

• I Wanna Be There (With You)

Podge Lane captures our hearts with the sheer originality of compositional skills on his twenty-eight minute, fifty-five second album, “Common Country Misconceptions,” which consists of ten incredible songs. The brilliant use of alternative arrangements in the songs on this record, which preserves the roots of folk and country music, is well worth listening to and greatly appreciated. The lyrics are also written in a way that is simple for anyone to connect with, in addition to the wide variety of compositions, as was already stated. Additionally, it appears that the lyrics were inspired by the narrator’s personal experiences at a particular moment in his or her life. Each song on this album has a unique and beautiful tale to tell, and because the soulful musical elements serve as the ideal backdrops for each one, each song is worth giving a thorough listen to.

The first two pieces, “Welcome To Paradise” and “Paradise,” must be heard sequentially because the latter is an extension of the former. The remaining eight tracks do not, however, follow any particular order that should be considered while listening to this album. As a result, you are not required to listen to the tracks in any particular order.

You get the impression that you’ve arrived at this endeavor on “Welcome To Paradise.” Podge Lane has a talent for evoking fundamental feelings that are complex and not just reducible to happiness or sadness. Just from these opening strings, I’m so ensnared in a feeling of intense nostalgia and wistfulness that feels as bittersweet as ever. It’s an opening that lasts only a minute, but it’s flexible and razor-sharp.

You also start to feel chirpy and appreciative of the world around you as the refrain of “Paradise” rolls in: “It’s just another day in paradise.” Other songs, like “Common Sense,” really show off Podge Lane’s complete range of lyrical talent. Only Few artists are able to tell tales in the same way that he does; he has a sincerity to his expression and a peculiarity that is remarkably all his own.

Podge Lane examines the themes that are prevalent in country music and questions the notion of the “happy ending.” We can place so much pressure on ourselves to never experience sadness again once we find happiness in our lives. In “Common Country Misconceptions,”  Podge Lane serves as a good reminder that even when your dreams come true, you are still a human being, which is actually a fairly good thing.

On March 10, 2023, a launch concert took place in Cork’s Winthrop Avenue to correspond with the album’s release. Lane will kick off his 2023 Tour by supporting the American duo Damsel in Little Whelan’s, Dublin, and DeBarra’s Cork, with record launch performances in Cork, Dublin, and London to follow.

This folk album has a true sense of who it is, what it is, and the emotions it conveys. I’ve liked Podge Lane’s style for a while, but “Common Country Misconceptions” solidified him as a folk musician whose music I’ll be listening to frequently for a while.

Overall, “Common Country Misconceptions,” Podge Lane’s most recent record, will undoubtedly be added to your daily playlists after just one listen. 

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