Black Stone Brewers releases their latest astonishing rock Ep

“Conduit” is a six-track EP by Black Stone Brewers that explores themes of religion, grief, loss, and addiction through powerful and atmospheric compositions that showcase the band’s talent and emotional depth.

Black Stone Brewers are a Perth, Western Australia-based alternative rock band. This incarnation of the band began in June 2020, with the inclusion of Simon on bass and Luke subsequently joining on lead guitar, with BlairJonathan, and Rob as founding members from an earlier edition of the group. Black Stone Brewers have created an EP of songs that span a wide spectrum of styles and genres, from strong metal grinds to Top 100 pop smash choruses and everything in between. Their songwriting styles have been defined as “creating pop tunes wrapped up with progressive or metal arrangements” by the band themselves. Thus, if you like everything from A Perfect Circle and Karnivool to Manchester Orchestra or Oceansize with a dash of 80s synths, you’ve come to the correct place.

“Conduit” is a six-track EP from Australia’s Perth band Black Stone Brewers that highlights their distinctive blend of rock and electronic music. On March 3rd, 2023, the EP was released. “Conduit” delves into topics of religion, grief, loss, and addiction through a fractured lens of optimism and hope, with each song serving as a vessel, an idea, or a catalyst. Thunderous off-time rhythms push and pull against ethereal space, complementing the band’s distinctive high-energy guitars and captivating dual vocals. The band has slaved away for two years creating, demoing, recording, and mixing the six songs that comprise “Conduit,” going through innumerable re-writes, adaptations, and different versions to land with the final EP releasing soon. Following the success of the band’s debut single, released in 2021, Black Stone Brewers collaborated with Matthew Templeman (Sly Withers, Voyager, Birds of Tokyo) once more. Every song, both personally and musically, expresses an aspect of who they are and where they want to go.

“Conduit” Track List:

1. Conduit

2. The Puppet and the Monster

3. Too Far Gone

4. Clear Trip

5. Cut the Cord

6. Every Last Day

“Conduit,” the first and title track, is an atmospheric and dark composition that combines elements of rock and techno music. The song has a powerful beat throughout that generates a sense of urgency. The band’s use of guitar riffs and electronic synths complement each other nicely, demonstrating the band’s effort and talent in creating a unique and appealing sound. This is a fantastic opening track to this wonderful EP.

“The Puppet and the Monster,” the second tune, is a thrillingly dark composition with a mesmerizing groove and frightening voices. The instrumentation is minimalist but effective, with brooding synths and a sparse rhythm adding to the overall eerie atmosphere. The lyrics depict the story of a puppet and a monster, which may be applied to the listener’s environment depending on how they feel and where they are in their life path. The music rises to a strong crescendo, with the vocals getting more frantic and fervent. This is a powerful and evocative piece of music that demonstrates Black Stone Brewers’ remarkable composition and production abilities, but more importantly, the ability to engage a listener without the need for continual fast-paced accompaniment, which is a desirable quality for any musician.

“Too Far Gone” highlights the band’s musical abilities with a unique blend of rock and blues. The combination of soul-melting guitar riffs, silky and soulful vocals, and deep, head-banging-worthy rhythms creates a distinct sound that resonates with the listener. The lyrics address the concept of someone being out of reach. Ultimately, “Too Far Gone” is an engaging and well-crafted single that demonstrates the band’s inherent emotional depth.

“Clear Trip,” the following tune, is an atmospheric blend of lo-fi percussion and ethereal piano that produces a dreamy soundscape. Listeners are treated to quiet and soothing voices, which add to the laid-back mood of the song, with a beginning reminiscent of Evanescence. Here, we are given a snare-heavy drum rhythm that serves as a firm foundation for the expansive soundscape. The production is clean, with each instrument complementing the other to create dramatic build-ups that keep you on the edge of your seat. When we follow the voices into the darkness of a mind-blowing guitar solo that sees the track out, this quickly becomes a full emotional meltdown.

“Cut The Cord” is a hard-hitting track that hits you in the face right away with the huge, distorted guitar riff that kicks off the track. The song’s energy complements the lyrics, encouraging listeners to follow the track’s tale. The raw vocals, which sound very much like Brendon Urie, and the strong drumming add to the song’s intensity, producing a cathartic listening experience. The chorus is especially catchy, with the repeated line “cut the cord” emphasizing the song’s theme. Anybody looking for a heavy, empowering sound should give this one a listen.

“Every Last Day” is a good track to listen to. The song is a heartfelt blend of soft rock, indie, and folk music, with magnificent guitar passages, drums, and those now-famous astonishing vocals expressing the song’s emotions with a real and raw delivery that adds a personal touch. The words of the song are thought-provoking, addressing the value of living in the moment and making every day matter, with a sense of nostalgia for days gone by. This song is masterfully written, with a perfect blend of lyrical significance and interesting backdrops.

“Conduit” is a great EP that highlights Black Stone Brewers‘ musical variety and lyrical talent while keeping listeners on the edge of their seats while waiting for the next build-up. If you grew up listening to MCR, Bring Me The Horizon, Marilyn Manson, and even a little Enter Shikari, this EP is a must-listen to transport you back to those wonderful times. There will be no disappointment here, thanks to pure delight-filled build-ups, gorgeous singing and lyrics, amazing drum portions, and magnificent guitar solos. Listen to these incredible tracks from the “Conduit” EP and add them to your playlist.

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