Another Song Lyrics By Coma Beach

LYRICS: Another day has come to its endAnother wish to heaven sentAnother star locked up in a jarAnother sun shot down with a gunAnother hand that hasn’t been lent Congratulations – This life’s a hit, this life’s a shitSweet elevation – Enjoy the show, stop feeling lowInfatuation – Forget your pain and get insaneEjaculation –…

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Nothing Right Lyrics By Coma Beach

LYRICS: I’ve often hit the nail on the headAnd yet I was merely strangledI’ve often called the voice of my lifeAnd yet it was merely the pastIf I should see the future beaming with joyI will forgive myself Tell me the meaning of my lifeTell me the meaning of forgivenessTell me the meaning of my…

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Go Back Lyrics By Landon Ward

LYRICS: You’re all that I always wantedBut nothin’ I ever neededI am so into youThe things you make me wanna do You make me wanna go back, take me back when we danced under the moonlightCome back, back to when we said I love you for the first time.You got me fallin’ for you (fallin’…

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“Playscapes” new super edgy electronic album by Tuulikki Bartosik

27 December 2022 Tuulikki Bartosik will be releasing an original Album titled “Playscapes” in the latter month of January 2023 Tuulikki Bartosik is a well-known accordionist, composer, and experimenter of traditional and classical music with degrees from her native Estonia, her adopted country of Sweden, and Finland. Her work has evolved into something more daring, branching out from its…

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