“Playscapes” new super edgy electronic album by Tuulikki Bartosik

27 December 2022 Tuulikki Bartosik will be releasing an original Album titled “Playscapes” in the latter month of January 2023 Tuulikki Bartosik is a well-known accordionist, composer, and experimenter of traditional and classical music with degrees from her native Estonia, her adopted country of Sweden, and Finland. Her work has evolved into something more daring, branching out from its…

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“Moving Down South” new country music by Down South Pepper Band

26 December 2022 “Moving Down South” is an upbeat, catchy, and enjoyable country rock song in a southern style comprised of Rune Nyby, Per Øyvind Mathisen, and Eiving Kløverød Down South Pepper Band is a Norwegian country and American act that performs catchy and fun music for fans of traditional Americana music. It’s comprised of Rune Nyby on vocals and bass, Per Øyvind Mathisen on guitars,…

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Hip-hop rapper Millie Blooms releases her new rap single Multiply

26 December 2022 Millie Blooms Original single “MULTIPLY” is a song that celebrates people who strive and succeed by themselves irrespective of their various fields.  Millie Blooms is a female independent artist who makes her own records. Millie has been songwriting for other artists, producing for, and mentoring other artists working across a wide range of genres in between self-producing,…

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The Duo Ritual Cloak of Cardiff release its new post-rock single

26 December 2022 “Shell” is a new single by the Duo Ritual cloak a combination of Andrew Sanders and Daniel Barnett Ritual Cloak is a Cardiff, South Wales-based electronic post-rock duo. Andrew Sanders and Daniel Barnett make up the duo. In 2019, the duo released their well-received self-titled debut after setting out to explore new musical grounds through the use of minimal techno beats and…

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Pamela Hopkins releases her new country song “Squirrel Train”

26 December 2022 Squirrel Train is a humorous but touching song heavily inspired by Pamela Hopkins’s ADHD moments  Pamela Hopkins is a talented singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. Pamela Hopkins has five times topped the international iTunes sales charts. She has received recognition for her music videos at international film festivals. Pamela has won the Josie Music Awards and has been nominated for the Arkansas…

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Boston-Based band Mad Painter announces a new single “Illusion”

25 November 2022 An up-and-coming Boston-area band called Mad Painter has its roots in the 1970s’ melodic rock movement. They primarily perform their own compositions, Four people make up the group, and their backgrounds range greatly. The idea’s writer and inventor are Alex Gitlin. He is expertly supported by drummer Al Hendry (Bubba Loaf, Tokyo…

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