Xander Moon Australia’s finest presents his new single “Hi-Fives”

25 November 2022

“Hi-Fives” a powerful and vulnerable song with raw emotions that draws listener’s in

Xander Moon, a 21-year-old Austrian musician, is making a statement with his new single “HI-FIVES,” which was released on November 6, 2022, and was recorded and produced in his bedroom. Xander is a one-man band, singing, writing songs, and producing his own music. He was most influenced by artists like Frank Ocean, Joji, Kenna, Kendrick Lamar, Sam Smith, and Prince. The song “Hi-Fives” by Xander Moon is about a failed love affair, while the lyrics express the frustration, sadness, and despair that accompany a relationship’s end. However, the song conveys a message of hope and resilience.

Xander Moon "Hi-Fives" Photo credits: Jakob Esterbauer
Xander Moon “Hi-Fives” Photo credits: Jakob Esterbauer

“Hi-Fives” vocals are both powerful and vulnerable, with raw emotion that draws the listener in. Xander’s voice is passionate and intense, and it’s clear that he puts his heart and soul into each performance. His voice conveys a genuine sense of connection, intimacy and making it easy to connect with the lyrics and feel every word. It is a moving and relatable song for anyone who has ever been in a difficult relationship. The song’s message of hope and resilience will undoubtedly provide listeners with the strength they require to move on from their own pain.

Xander Moon’s music is always surprising and leaves you speechless. His music is so hard-hitting and impressionistic that it reminds you of so many familiar, iconic acts from the last 50 years while remaining elusive.

If you’re an oldie like us and want to start listening to more modern music, Xander Moon’s Hi-Fives is for you! A song that appeals to listeners of all ages, with the interest and hooks of a modern song and the skills and versatility of a powerful rock/rock opera voice. We strongly advise you to listen to the entire track.

Xander Moon "Hi-Fives" Photo credits: Jakob Esterbauer
Xander Moon “Hi-Fives” Photo credits: Jakob Esterbauer

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