New Single by Neice Canadian’s powerful vocalist titled “Over Me”

28 November 2022

“Over Me” by Neice

Canadian pop/r&b/soul singer-songwriter Shaneice Anthony, also known as “Neice,” is from Toronto, Ontario. She started taking piano lessons and voice classes at an early age, and by the time she was six, she was singing gospel covers at different churches all over the city. She is a vocal dynamo who can capture an audience with the ferocity of one note while simultaneously comforting a tired soul with her warm singing and sincere words.

How such a strong voice could emerge from someone so young would surprise everyone who heard her sing. Neice was adamant about pursuing a career in music, so she seized every chance to grow as an artist. She didn’t hesitate to sign up for the regional arts program auditions at St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, where she studied music. Neice was exposed to a range of songwriting and vocal approaches after being accepted into the program, which she would subsequently use in her artistic expression.

Later, abilities like hers to create entrancing harmonies and passionate melodies would come to define her music. Participating in a range of school plays, talent shows, and concerts helped Neice polish her stage presence. Neice was given the opportunity to include both her love of music and her passion for storytelling when she was chosen to play a supporting role in The Other Side of the River, World Vision’s pilot musical production. Neice learned from this event the amazing ability of narrative to enthrall and inspire an audience, which she would later utilize to inform her songwriting approach.

At the post-secondary level, Neice continued to advance her musical career. To improve her voice strength, dynamics, and control, she enrolled at York University. She experimented with composing her own music and had the chance to learn vocal performance and production with a variety of renowned teachers around the city, which helped her create her own unique voice. Neice has been actively involved in music since completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts, giving private singing and piano lessons and appearing in places including Exhibition Place, Mel Lastman Square, and the Rogers Center for artist showcases and festivals.

Warm, sensual tones, strong high notes, and calming falsettos are all features of Neice’s vocal range. Her primary musical inspirations range from Destiny’s Child to Alicia Keys, among others. Her music and performances have two objectives. The first is to develop an emotional connection with her listeners, and the second is to foster a cheerful environment. With these objectives in mind, Neice creates lyrics and music that are both evocative and relatable.

She is motivated by music’s capacity to unite people and dreams of reaching a wide audience with her songs. Neice is presently creating and recording a number of brand-new songs in the studio. Her debut single, “Over Me,” which was released on November 18 and is a soulful track with a blend of warm harmonies and vocal tones, has been in the works for some time. The song was recorded in a home studio during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was produced by her brother, HunchoMidas. “We started working together when we were sequestered at home,” says Niece.

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