Michael Lyon Releases His Latest Poetic Album

“Embark on a musical odyssey with Michael Lyon’s latest album, ‘What Could Be,’ a soul-stirring journey that explores love, resilience, and the boundless possibilities of life. Lyon’s poetic lyrics, heartfelt melodies, and the album’s overarching message of hope create an immersive experience that will leave you inspired and eager to discover the profound reflections within.”

Michael Lyon, hailing from Torrance, United States, is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been on a musical journey since 2015. With a deep appreciation for legendary artists like The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Cat Stevens, and more, Michael’s music reflects the timeless folk and rock harmonies that have inspired him throughout his life. His latest album, “What Could Be,” marks his fourth release, and it’s imbued with a sense of perseverance and urgency influenced by the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Michael Lyon is not just the creative force behind the songs but also plays all the instruments, including vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards, strings, and percussion.

Recorded at ReadyMix Recording Studios in North Hollywood and Van Nuys, California, “What Could Be” was brought to life with the expert engineering and co-production of Paul Horabin and the mastering talents of Don Tyler at IO Mastering. The album’s standout track, “Love,” has been praised for its transcendent vocals and meaningful lyrics, reminiscent of classic folk harmonies like CSNY and Simon and Garfunkel. Michael Lyon’s musical journey has been shaped by a lifetime of experiences, from academic pursuits to careers in various fields, all culminating in his passion for songwriting and creating beautiful, harmonious music that resonates with listeners, reminding them to cherish each day and ponder “What Could Be.”

What Could Be,” released on September 15, 2023. This album is a captivating musical journey that not only showcases Lyon’s exceptional talent but also delivers a powerful message of hope and introspection.

“What Could Be” tracks includes:

1. Sunrise

2. Want To Be A Flower

3. Love

4. How Long It Takes

5. Justice Day

6. Bounce Back

7. One Man’s War

8. How Much More

9. Big Dream

10. Carried Away

11. Rain Or Shine

12. Try It On

13. Family Tree

14. What Could Be

The album opens with “Sunrise,” where Lyon’s acoustic guitar and warm vocals set the stage for an introspective journey. As he sings, “Sunrise from the east, shine beautifully, daylight, welcome, my friend, it’s nice to see you again,” you can almost feel the embrace of a new day. The song encapsulates the album’s overarching theme: embracing life’s possibilities with open arms.

Moving forward, “Want To Be A Flower” carries the listener into a world where love and joy are symbolized by the simplicity of a flower. Lyon’s acoustic melody and poetic lyrics, such as “Wanna be a flower in the morning sun, a gift to give to everyone,” evoke a sense of innocence and purity.

Love” emerges as a radiant gem within the album. With his captivating acoustic strums and heartfelt vocals, Lyon delves deep into the universal theme of love. The lyrics, “Love lights every face, maps out the mission through outer space, unfazed,” are a testament to Lyon’s lyrical prowess. The humming in the song adds an enchanting layer, making “Love” a true standout.

As the album unfolds, tracks like “How Long It Takes,” “Justice Day,” and “Bounce Back” explore life’s complexities. Lyon’s vocals, rich with emotion, navigate these themes, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, there is resilience to be found. “One Man’s War” touches on introspection and personal growth, while “How Much More” delves into the depths of yearning.

Big Dream” and “Carried Away” offer moments of reflection on dreams and the wonder of life. “Rain Or Shine” enchants with gentle acoustic chords, taking us on a contemplative journey. Lyon’s lyrics, “Is it yours or mine, or is love a magic wand to wave in wonder, rain or shine,” resonate deeply, reminding us that love transcends all.

Try It On” brings a sense of curiosity and exploration, while “Family Tree” pays homage to our roots and connections. Lyon’s versatility as a musician shines throughout, adapting his musical style to the diverse emotions and stories within the songs.

The title track, “What Could Be,” bursts with energy and optimism. Lyon’s acoustic guitar infuses the song with life, and his vocals are nothing short of anthemic. As he sings, “Think what it means when we can dream, when we can dream, whatever you want to be, this I believe, yes, we can dream, sure, we can dream,” the listener is propelled into a world of boundless possibilities.

Michael Lyon’s “What Could Be” is not merely an album but a profound reflection on life, love, resilience, and the power of dreams. It urges us to seize every moment, embrace love, and explore the depths of our emotions. As you listen to this album, consider what could be in your own life and let the music inspire you to chase your dreams.

In the midst of our chaotic world, “What Could Be” offers a sanctuary of melody and meaning. It’s a reminder that, no matter the challenges we face, music can be our guiding light. So, take a moment, immerse yourself in the world Michael Lyon has created, and let the music inspire you to ponder, dream, and discover “What Could Be.”

Set aside time to fully immerse yourself in the album, allowing the lyrics and melodies to wash over you. After listening, take a moment to journal your thoughts and emotions. What did the album make you feel, and what aspirations does it awaken? Share your favorite tracks with friends and family, spreading the uplifting message of “What Could Be.” Let the album serve as a reminder to cherish each day and make the most of life’s opportunities.

Michael Lyon’s “What Could Be” is not just an album; it’s a journey, an invitation, and a celebration of life’s endless possibilities.

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