26 December 2022

Millie Blooms Original single “MULTIPLY” is a song that celebrates people who strive and succeed by themselves irrespective of their various fields. 

Millie Blooms is a female independent artist who makes her own records. Millie has been songwriting for other artists, producing for, and mentoring other artists working across a wide range of genres in between self-producing, mixing, and mastering her own music. Millie had a big year in 2022, as she transitioned into her brand-new sound, infusing the soul of classic 90s hip-hop and R&B with modern Hip-Hop. She has already released three well-received singles, “Faint of Heart,” “DNA,” and “Bounce Ya Necks,” which have been praised by press and fans alike, with Art Kills Blog comparing her vocal talent to that of an Olympic athlete. We can expect Big Things from Millie Blooms”s new era of music. Millie has amassed over 150,000 streams in the last year, which is a testament to her dedication.

Paige Wolfe
Paige Wolfe

The song “Multiply,” which Millie Blooms released on Friday, November 25, 2022, via all the major streaming services, marks the end of her debut year. In response to how she manages her musical journey, she co-wrote, recorded, and produced the song “Multiply” with mix/master engineer Dan Fry. She produces her own music, which is a declaration of authenticity and a cause for celebration. While she also collaborates with others to create their music from conception to realization, this is by no means a dismissal of the art of collaboration.

Multiply”, Sonically, it’s more understated than earlier works, laid out to a chill beat with a pulsing electronic synth. As Millie raps, “We come together and we multiply, reach for the stars and we touch the skynobody left out high and dry, we all come together, and we multiply,” it is not a diss track to those who don’t do it themselves but rather a celebration of those who do it alone and a call for everyone to come together for a better music industry.

Paige Wolfe
Paige Wolfe

The song “Multiply” explores Millie Blooms”s experiences in the music industry once more from a conceptual standpoint. It’s a rallying cry for everyone who likes Millie, does everything themselves, and faces constant criticism, whether they are female artists, business owners, or entrepreneurs. It’s about recognizing those success tales, accomplishments, and people who keep advancing.

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