“Moving Down South” new country music by Down South Pepper Band

26 December 2022

“Moving Down South” is an upbeat, catchy, and enjoyable country rock song in a southern style comprised of Rune Nyby, Per Øyvind Mathisen, and Eiving Kløverød

Down South Pepper Band is a Norwegian country and American act that performs catchy and fun music for fans of traditional Americana music. It’s comprised of Rune Nyby on vocals and bass, Per Øyvind Mathisen on guitars, and Eiving Kløverød on drums. The band has been heard on country radio, seen on TV around the world, and has composed and recorded approximately 30 original Americana country songs over the last few years. The songs have been released on digital platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music, as well as on CD and cassette. Their songs are also frequently played on country radio stations around the world, and the music receives positive feedback from fans and DJs. 

On November 24th,2022, the Down South Pepper band‘s new single “Moving Down South” was released. It is an upbeat, catchy, and enjoyable country rock song in a southern style. The song is about making a fresh start when you aren’t necessarily ready. The music is catchy and has a southern feel to it, with traditional instrumentation.

Per Øyvind Mathisen
Per Øyvind Mathisen

Moving Down South” is an excellent song to listen to while driving. It has all of the catchy elements of country music, and it’s difficult not to bop your head to its groove. It’s a song about the excitement of living life while on the road, moving forward without fear. It tells us to embrace each new day and all of its experiences wholeheartedly. The vocals are a standout feature of the song, as they are perfectly suited to the music. It begins with the line, ‘Twenty-four hours on the road,’ and immediately transports you to that zone where you feel yourself living on the move! 

Moving Down South” begins with an authentic country-tinged guitar intro, followed by the vocals. The drums and bass provide a tight groove to the song, and the appealing synth effects and lines add color to the music on top of this solid rhythm ground. The country guitar lines with biting tones add just the right amount of punch to the track. If you listen carefully, you’ll notice some fantastic organ lines around the second chorus, which demonstrate an intelligent way of incorporating them as surprise elements in the track.

Moving Down South” by the Down South Pepper Band is a must-listen if you enjoy traditional country blues. Even if you aren’t, you should listen to it to enjoy the ride this song takes you on. It’s just a good time from start to finish, the kind of well-intentioned and infectiously performed piece of music that you know would get an audience grooving in minutes. It’s difficult to find a happier journey song for when things need to be flipped over and started over. It’s played and sung with such passion and gleefulness.

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