Wellington-based artist Bravo Bonez just released his new single.

25 November 2022

Bravo’s musical career had previously been put on hold while he pursued the path of Mammon. Many years later, he realized that his true passion for music had been neglected, and he decided to drop everything and pursue his 21-year-old self’s long-lost dream. Bravo’s unique, ambient sound is influenced by artists such as Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Crime Heat, and The Impending Adorations. Bravo enjoys fusing many of his favorite genres, and he is constantly creating a diverse repertoire of engaging, mellifluous new tracks. Trip-hop, acid jazz, house, lounge, post-punk, and ambient cinematic influences are among them. Bravo’s first foray back into the music scene was in a project called “ARLS,” in which he collaborated with vocalist Alba Rose. “Lucky,” a trip-hop-inspired single, was released in August of 2019 to positive reviews. 

Drinks for ARLS
Drinks for ARLS

He has several musical identities that distinguish his various creative approaches. One of these identities is “LearningToDive,” under which Bravo releases music inspired by post-punk from the 1980s and trip-hop from the 1990s. Bravo’s ambient, cinematic, and classically tinged creative side is showcased under the moniker Haikyo. Under his Bravo Bonez alias, he primarily releases retro lo-fi beats and R&B/soul. Bravo enjoys collaborating with other artists and is always open to new collaborations, both locally and internationally. In addition to writing and producing original content, he is also heavily involved in the New Zealand music industry, owning and operating his own recording studio in Wellington called “PureSound Studios.” Here he helps produce for emerging artists and provides local musicians with an affordable, professional music production environment. He has so far released the “Love Blast Lounge” EP (October 2020) and the “Love Blast Lounge EP Mix” (November 2022) under his Bravo Bonez alias, the “Number One” album (December 2020) under his Haikyo alias, and the “Norwegian Pop” album (April 2021) under his LearningToDive alias.

Bravo Bonez is pleased to announce his new single, “Treason,” which was released on November 25, 2022, and it’s available globally on all streaming platforms. It was recorded at Roundhead Studios in Auckland and PureSound Studios in Wellington, with Simon Gooding engineering and mixing, who also played guitar on the track, Greg Haver and Bravo Bonez produced the song. Greg Haver also played drums and percussion. Mark Hughes played bass on the track. “Treason” was co-written by Bravo Bonez and Alba Rose, who also provided an outstanding vocal performance. Ryan Smith of Sterling Sound, mastered the track (Nashville).

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