The unusual and fascinating track “The Eyeball Song” by Minda Lacy examines human intimacy and the intricacies of existence through thoughtful lyrics and vibrant sonics. A music video by Jon Wohlfert that incorporates slapping drums, harmonicas, and a two-time bass line is included with the song.

Originally from the high desert town of Silver City in south-western New Mexico, Minda Lacy is a lyrically focused singer-songwriter who now calls Portland, Oregon, home. There, she is fully immersed in the distinctive and vibrant music scene of the humid Pacific Northwest city.

Singer, guitarist, and songwriter Minda Lacy has been influenced by a variety of musicians and genres. She has been drawn to the reflective and occasionally eccentric lyrical styles of writers like Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Andrew Bird, Bob Dylan, and The Be Good Tanyas, but she has also been greatly influenced by music with a heavier psychedelic instrumentation like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin in ways that aren’t directly reflected in her style.

Minda Lacy is obsessed with time, death, and bugs; she enjoys the balancing act of hilarity and seriousness and frequently handles issues like mortality and suffering with a lighthearted tone. Minda Lacy spends a lot of time contemplating; she is caught in a never-ending dilemma, which she occasionally escapes by writing songs. Her songwriting approach has a way of making listeners stop and pay attention. She has a distinct and delightfully funny way of capturing the essence of some universal human experiences.

Callie Baur, Shannon Ellison, Laurie Steele
Callie Baur, Shannon Ellison, Laurie Steele

Minda Lacy’s music has been played on the local Portland radio station, Shady Pines Radio, on a regular basis. Her music has also been heard on Free Form Portland and Kuru in South West New Mexico. She performed at the inaugural Shady Pines Music Festival in the summer of 2022, as well as the Folklife Festival in Seattle in 2018. She has performed several famous shows in the Portland area, including opening for Dan Bern at the old church and a couple times at the Holocene in SE Portland. There have been a number of events in Portland over the last seven years that she believed were noteworthy but took place in smaller venues such as the Mississippi Pizza Pub, the Alberta Street Tavern, and the Liquor Store. On April 9th, she will release her full-length album at the Doug Fir, a venue she has always wanted to play. Minda Lacy has planned a couple cross-country DIY tours and plans to embark on a long-term DIY tour this spring. She has also performed at dozens of events and gigs throughout Portland.

Minda Lacy begins her new single, “The Eyeball,” which was released on October 21st, 2022, with introspective prose, asking, “What’s up with time, and what’s up with you?”

“The Eyeball Song” is odd, dramatic, and entertaining. It creates a vivid picture with colorful sonics and sparks that have little to do with eyeballs. Minda Lacy’s music is naturally dualistic. There’s a lovely collision, a contradiction, between the instrumentation and the song’s underlying theme, which gives the melody scope and depth. “The Eyeball Song” is darkly imaginative, yet innocent and entertaining. Its storytelling is far from traditional, but it is heavily influenced by Americana.

“The Eyeball Song” has so many wonderful aspects, The slapping drums hold rhythm beneath the acoustic guitar, which ploughs through the music. Minda Lacy has a winner on her hands with harmonicas, a two-timing bass line, and a vocal that draws you closer. The song picks up speed as the melody draws you in with a twist, and the twist is what keeps you coming back for more. The gleaming voice melody starts telling its story, and truly excellent lyrics carry you through the song until the chorus, which is where “The Eyeball Song” falls in love. It’s warm, light, witty, and played to perfection; it also appears that Minda Lacy’s unbridled creativity is enough to make anyone fall in love. She gives you something genuine and heartfelt.

Callie Baur, Shannon Ellison, Laurie Steele
Callie Baur, Shannon Ellison, Laurie Steele

Local Portland drummer Zanny Geffel plays the drums in “The Eyeball Song,” Trinh Youngman plays the standup bass, and Luke Anthony performs the harmonica. This single is taken from Minda Lacy’s solo album. Jon Wohlfert recorded, mixed, and mastered the song in his basement studio in North Portland. Before writing “The Eyeball Song,” Minda Lacy had a curious thought about whether it was feasible to touch your eyeball to another person’s eyeball. She began to ponder the nature of human intimacy and how it sometimes feels hard to get near enough to another human being because we are intrinsically alone in our own bodies and consciousness.

Jon Wohfert directed a music video for “The Eyeball Song” after recording it. It was a lot of fun to make. “The Eyeball Song” is a delightful melody that piques our children’s interest in the complexities that life might hold. See the creation of fresh textures around Minda Lacy’s queries in the track “The Eyeball Song” and understand how diverse an inquiry may be.

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