Originally from the bustling music community of Bedford, England, THE TARROWS are known for consistently producing diverse and energetic music. The band consists of Matt Astell on lead guitar and vocal, as well as Nate Brown as the bassist in the band and Taylor Allerston as the drummer. Nate has been in the band as long as they have been called The Tarrows. Their diverse music reflects their wide range of experiences, including teaching guitar to inmates and engaging in spontaneous adventures that inspire their creativity. With their newest original song, “Gunfighter,” THE TARROWS are ready to capture the attention of audiences all over.

Unveiled on April 20th, 2024, “Gunfighter” highlights THE TARROWS’ developing musical style. The initial notes of the song present a subtle tune that quickly grabs your focus, foreshadowing the upcoming intricacy and depth. This opening tune serves as a gentle start, preparing the audience for what is to come, giving them a chance to immerse themselves in the song’s mood before the band’s full sound kicks in.


As the song advances, at about 18 seconds in, there is a clear change in both speed and atmosphere. The instruments become more vibrant and rhythmical, adding a fresh element of complexity to the music. This transition flows smoothly, forming a natural advancement that maintains the interest of listeners and leaves them wondering about the song’s next direction. THE TARROWS manage to blend various musical elements seamlessly, while keeping a coherent and engaging narrative throughout.

At the 32-second mark, the singing begins, bringing a heartfelt tone that strongly connects with the listener. The singer’s soulful vocal performance feels genuine and emotional, as if each word is coming straight from within. The emotional depth in “Gunfighter” gives the song an authentic feel, allowing listeners to easily relate to it on a personal level. The seamless blending of both the vocal and instrumental results in a captivating composition.

At the 2:37-minutes mark, listeners are allowed to catch their breath and unwind with the brief break that occurs from the infectious. This brief break creates a noticeable difference from the lively parts before it, contributing to the dynamic ups and downs of “Gunfighter”. It is a smart decision in the composition that enhances the song by demonstrating THE TARROWS’ focus on details and dedication to creating a rich listening experience.

As we reach the 2:42-minute point, “Gunfighter” takes another thrilling twist. The music gains more strength, with the instruments throbbing with liveliness and dynamism. This part of the song seems to be a musical peak, increasing in both energy and speed as it goes on. The singing takes on a stronger and more lively quality in this section, enhancing the overall dynamic and impactful vibe of the song. It’s an exciting moment showcasing THE TARROWS’ talent for creating thrilling musical highlights that make a lasting impact.

During this high point of energy, the vocals eventually retracts, giving more focus to the instrumentation’s energetic and lively performance. This burst of energy adds to the overall charm of the song “Gunfighter”, giving it a feeling of strength and liveliness. It serves as a testament to the skillful songwriting of THE TARROWS, with each element thoughtfully placed to enhance impact and engagement.

Around the 3:34-minute mark, as the song nears its end, there is a gradual decrease in energy, with the lively music gradually fading away. This final part gives the impression of wrapping things up, completing the “Gunfighter” story and giving a feeling of conclusion to the musical experience for listeners. It is a gratifying conclusion that leaves listeners satisfied and excited to listen again, immersing themselves in the complex depths of THE TARROWS’ music once more.


To sum up, “Gunfighter” by THE TARROWS showcases exceptional musical skill and innovation. The song provides a fulfilling listening experience, highlighting THE TARROWS’ varied influences and distinctive musical style, with a gentle beginning melody, lively crescendos, and heartfelt vocals. THE TARROWS have created a song that combines 90s alt, 2010s Brit-indie, and influences from the 80s Madchester scene, resulting in a familiar yet rejuvenating sound. The single has quickly become popular at THE TARROWS’ live performances, and with it’s official release is expected to captivate audiences worldwide. Make sure to give “Gunfighter” a listen, you’ll definitely not regret it.

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