Kala Chng released her latest single – Good Badass Girl

Good Badass Girl

Kala Chng is a half-Chinese British pop artist from Knowle West, Bristol, UK. As a songwriter, singer, and producer, she creates an original blend of pop music with Chinese sounds and urban influences that are influenced by Bristol bass, grime, and dubstep beats, classical Chinese instruments, catchy pop lines, and R&B.

Since 2013, she has released five albums and four EPs under the alias “Makala Cheung.” Bristol Live Magazine awarded her debut album “River” album of the month during Chinese New Year in 2014. From 2015 through 2017, her subsequent albums “Moon” and “Empress” were released at her own “far east meets west” Mini Moon Festival, and “Knowle West” Girl was released at Knowle West Fest in 2018. Her tracks have been broadcast on radio stations worldwide, including BBC Radio 1Xtra, 6, 5, Introducing in the West, Bristol, and others. 

Kala’s solo show incorporates East Asian costumes and props due to her past performances with a 4-piece electronic band that included synthesizers, samples, and drums. Kala Chng has made headlining and major stage appearances at the world-famous Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, Upfest, Shambala, Dot to Dot, Redfest, Vegfest, Brisfest, St. Paul’s Carnival, Bristol Harbourside Festival, and London Trafalgar Square for Chinese New Year. Some of these performances were given under Makala Cheung’s prior name.

Kala, who has been described as having “Kate Bush vibes” and sounds “like a Chinese Lady Gaga,” is also a Happiness Champion and a designated Culture Ambassador in Bristol. She was named to the Bristol Cool List 2021 in recognition of her artistic, community, and cultural involvement. 

“Good Badass Girl,” a song by Kala Chng, was recently released on November 13, 2022. Thanks especially to Becky Thompson, who encouraged Kala Chng to create this song by telling her, “You are such a good badass girl,” and who helped choose the animated video for the music, which was also uploaded on the same day.

With unusual soundscapes that quickly manage to uplift your emotions and inject a little vitality into the air around you, the song “Good Badass Girl”, starts off in a somewhat unorthodox manner. You would be amazed by the superb advancement and spectacular effects. One may argue that a great deal of work went into the track’s production because the song would not have been as enticing without the unique, nuanced nuances that are placed here and there and exquisitely embellish the music. But one can tell that this is a well-written song because of how the soundscapes are artistically emphasized.

The song’s incredible vocalization will leave you speechless. To put it mildly, it is unusual. The small distinctions and peculiarities in vocalization that enhance the listening experience can be identified and noted.

No one is perfect, according to the song’s message. We are all capable of having several identities. We have the capacity to be both strong and compassionate. We have both strengths and weaknesses. We are all capable of making mistakes, repenting, and receiving forgiveness. We can be good and badass too. 

Listen to this fantastic single right away; you’ll be amazed.

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