In the enchanting city of Helsinki, where the Northern winds whisper through cobblestone streets, Kepa Lehtinen, a virtuoso of musical transcendence, finds his muse. Kepa Lehtinen’s journey through the world of music began with the piano, a classical companion that laid the foundation for his intricate musical odyssey. However, destiny had other plans for this music maestro, leading him to discover the allure of the theremin—a hands-free electronic instrument that would become the signature voice of his compositions.

With each stroke of the piano keys, Kepa Lehtinen’s early years were a harmonious exploration of classical nuances, but it was the ethereal tremor of the theremin that captured his heart. This electronic marvel, invented in Russia, became the catalyst for a musical metamorphosis, propelling Kepa Lehtinen into the avant-garde realms of film and alt/classical composition.


An artist with a penchant for breaking musical boundaries, Kepa Lehtinen stands as a prolific and relevant force in the modern classical landscape. His compositions, a fusion of traditional elegance and contemporary innovation, speak a universal language that resonates with the modern listener.

On January 10th, 2024, Kepa Lehtinen unveiled his latest masterpiece, “Sade.” The word “sade,” Finnish for rain, becomes a poetic embodiment of the atmospheric beauty that permeates this instrumental composition. In the heart of winter, where Finland is draped in darkness and endless rain, Lehtinen’s musical brush paints a canvas of melancholy, capturing the very essence of the season.

From the moment I pressed play on Kepa Lehtinen’s latest opus, “Sade,” I found myself caught in a spell—a musical enchantment that unfolded with each note, revealing a sonic landscape unlike anything I had experienced before. As the piano’s delicate keys initiated the journey, a cascade of emotions surged through me. The initial “wow” that escaped my lips marked the beginning of an ethereal exploration into the soul of this composition.

The enchantment deepened as the theremin, that enigmatic hands-free marvel, made its entrance. Its exotic and majestic tones wrapped around me like a cloak, adding an unparalleled layer of expression to the piece. I was no longer a passive listener; I became a traveler, transported to a realm where the boundaries between reality and melody blurred into a harmonious dance. The theremin, in direct contact with Lehtinen’s breath and body, became a conduit for emotions that resonated within me.

As the piano and theremin conversed, the entrance of the double bass marked a crescendo in the composition. Its full-bodied, resonant tones became the anchor, grounding me in the classical echoes that reverberated through the piece. This was not just a song; it was a symphony that unfolded with deliberate grace and profound beauty. The slow and ethereal tempo became a canvas for emotional immersion, allowing me to soak in every nuance of this masterpiece.

“Sade” became more than a mere composition; it was a journey through the endless autumn rains of Finland. Kepa Lehtinen’s adept composition skillfully captured the emotional essence of raindrops, translating their constant rhythm into a reflective and introspective melody. Each note, like a raindrop, created ripples in the still waters of my consciousness, evoking a sense of melancholy beauty that resonated with the very essence of autumn.

The simplicity of the three-instrument arrangement emerged as a manifestation of the power of subtlety. Kepa Lehtinen showcased that depth of emotion need not be verbose; it can be found in the spaces between the notes, in the gentle pauses that invite introspection. “Sade” became a masterclass in the art of musical storytelling, proving that simplicity elevates emotional depth to profound heights.


This composition, with its celestial aura and sublime elegance, etched its melodies into the fabric of my soul. The harmonies were not just sounds; they were emotions woven into the very fabric of the universe. Kepa Lehtinen’s “Sade” is a song amongst songs, a magnum opus that transcended the boundaries of time and genre. It beckoned me to embrace the beauty of instrumental music as a perfect means of communication, where words are rendered obsolete in the face of such profound eloquence.

In a world saturated with noise, “Sade” stands as a beacon of serenity and contemplation. It’s a rare gem that invites you to disconnect from the chaos and connect with the profound beauty of sound. I encourage you to press play, close your eyes, and let the music guide you on a personal odyssey through the autumn rains of Finland. Kepa Lehtinen’s “Sade” is not just a song; it’s an invitation to experience the sublime, a journey worth taking for anyone who seeks a moment of musical catharsis.

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