Christmas Time (Here It Comes Again) BY Nini Bong 

Jon and David were enrolled at the same elementary school in the 1980s. Both were apprehensive and excited about their first day. They caught each other’s eyes from across the classroom and noticed that they were both toting Transformers lunchboxes, one of which contained a Transformers flask and was constructed of incredibly strong plastic, and they immediately clicked. They discover their favorite Transformers toy hidden inside their lunchboxes when they open them. In one, Jazz is present, and in the other, Mirage. “Bah Weep Graggnah Weep Ni Ni Bong,” from the Transformers, means peace and kindness to all. They grinned and acknowledged their enduring relationship.

The two friends met Pat, Julia, and Gabrielle after many years of writing and performing in different bands as well as working together on numerous TV and movie soundtracks. These three women shared a similar outlook and joined them in their attempt to spread that universal greeting through their musical project NiNi Bong, completing the circle of that enduring friendship and comradery through vintage 1980s pop culture.

Although “Christmas Time (Here It Comes Again)” is plainly about Christmas, it also discusses the daily struggle that many of us have with despair. Undoubtedly, the route is long and difficult. To protect ourselves and one another, we must work hard at it at all times. Because there are those who depend on you, look after yourself and keep going. The tune, which was formerly known as “Happy Times,” is now a Christmas carol. From messing around with a bass guitar and a Fender Rhodes piano while having a few drinks in a rehearsal studio to where it is now, it has been a long journey.

The Radio Times, Pantomime, Mulled Wine, and Mince Pies are all featured in this popular Christmas song, which has all the hallmarks of a really British Christmas. drinking and having fun over the holidays with pals. It fits in comfortably with Slade, Wizzard, Shakin’ Stevens, or any of the other Christmas favorites that are played frequently throughout the holidays. It has the sound of a song that could have been written in the heyday of traditional British Christmas pop.

They were lucky to have access to a studio that they could hire on a monthly basis rather than an hourly one, which allowed them to develop a track in the way that they do here. Bringing in new talent, changing things around, etc.

Christmas Time (Here It Comes Again) was released on November 30, 2022.

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