Quizboy a multi- instrumentalist releases his new EP

“Not Like The Others You Know”

Multi-instrumentalist Quizboy is also known by the aliases Ben Dayho and Bennito Malcooster. Nearly a year after his last album release, “Bella,” he has returned with an EP and teases an impending album that is still being produced and is scheduled for release in the early months of 2023.

Since he was 14 years old, Quizboy has been a member of various bands and has been writing music. He is a carryover from the previous official “band” he had called “Hell.” He collaborated with Toby Lugo of Othyrs, Nick Schlesinger, Zero Butcher, and Thumpergraph among other musicians, at various points in time. In 2009, he participated in an event called “Mowich” in a remote area of Oregon. He last played live music with a band called “Beta Case” in 2012 at the Legends Outlet in Sparks, Nevada. Since then, he has solely performed live streams on Bandcamp, Twitch, and other platforms.

Quizboy’s latest EP, titled “Not Like The Others You Know,” was released as a three-track EP on November 11, 2022, one song is a cover song of an American indie rock band called “The Decemberists,” which ran into distribution issues, making it a stand-alone single on streaming services.

When Ben Dayho isn’t writing articles for the blog, he’s making music under the name of Quizboy. As lighthearted as Ben might be online, this EP presents a serious note, talking about childhood traumas, struggles with interpersonal relationships, battles with addiction, and sadness. People have best described Quizboy’s music as weird. I’d call it artistic.


The title tune, “Not Like The Others You Know,” appears as the first song on the EP. It’s about standing out from the other enablers narcissists associate with in order to continue defending their actions. Furthermore, this song is about not just refusing to enable others, but also about being self-assured enough to draw a clear boundary. This music is just fantastic, in my opinion. I’d give the effort an A+.

On the EP, “Brave A Storm” is the 2nd track. Since it is about suicide, this is Quizboy’s favorite. Because he had experienced both being suicidal and being in a situation of intense anxiety while caring for someone who was suicidal, he chose this one as his artistic preference. In light of everything, he penned the lyrics in a way that, in his opinion, could be understood from the viewpoint of the suicidal or from the standpoint of someone who is caring for or concerned about the suicidal. In his own mind, he assumes that both sides are struggling with different demons in their personal lives while also experiencing similar emotional misery. He wrote the song with that message in mind.

The third song is a cover of ‘The Decemberists’ “Down by the Water.” Although it has nothing to do with the other two songs in the Ep, Quizboy particularly enjoys this song. Fun fact: Quizboy has performed this song to his 5-year-old daughter so often since she was a baby that she thinks it is her father’s song.

It’s not like Quizboy doesn’t know how to follow convention; he just chose to go against it and create something original. That is what drew me to Quizboy’s latest Ep, which is well worth a listen. Listen to Quizboy’s “Not Like The Others You Know”.

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